RFC Commentary: Twin Peaks Pilot Episode

I’m finally starting a series of commentaries for the Radio Free Caemlyn podcast. This time, Erica (from Marble Operator) joins me to talk all over the top of the American pilot of Twin Peaks. Hopefully we can continue this through the end of season one, at least.

Download the commentary track here, and listen along as you watch. We talk over the American version of the pilot episode.

Marble Operator 97: Entry 87 and the End of Marble Hornets

Episode can be downloaded here.

Rion, Logan, John, Abby, Katie, and Erica join Rand to discuss Marble Hornets Entry #87, which marks the end of the series. The panelists also discuss the conclusion of the series, and their thoughts on Marble Hornets as a whole.

This episode marks the final discussion for Marble Hornets. We have three series to discuss at this point, those being TribeTwelve, Dark Harvest, and Andersen Journals.

This episode also marks the end of the Marble Operator podcast. It’s been fun. Had some fun interviews. Met some cool people.

See you over on Radio Free Caemlyn.

Marble Operator Episode 96

Episode 96 of Marble Operator is available to download.

On this episode, John, Logan, Katie, Erica, and Abby join Rand to catch up on recent Slender-series videos. First, they cover the two most recent Marble Hornets videos, being Entry #85 and Entry #86. Then John, Logan, and Erica give their thoughts on the most recent upload from the Andersen Journals, being “GOODBYE”.

Total run-length of the episode is 1:08:32.

Behind the scenes note, I need to figure out why my Skype call recorder isn’t working correctly, then see if I can upgrade the audio quality.


I’ve just designed and ordered some Radio Free Caemlyn and Marble Operator stickers. The RFC design is a circle, the MO is a square with rounded edges.

They look like this:

I’ve got 10 of each, and can always order more if needed. The circular design is 3 inches in diameter, with the square being 3inch x 3inch.

Basically, I’m offering these to listeners of the podcasts. If you’d like some RFC and/or MO stickers, let me know! Best way of doing that is either as a reply to this post or by sending an @ reply on Twitter to either @RadioFreCaemlyn or @MarbleOperator on the Twitter machines.

I’ve already got a few requests for stickers, and will be mailing them out as soon as they arrive to me.

(psssst! Did you know that if you use flexible magnet strips you can turn these stickers into neat magnets so you can post them on any magnetic surface and move them to another location? Just thought you might want to know!)

Anyway, the stickers should be arriving next week.

Now to design t-shirts!


Update: All of the Marble Operator stickers have been requested. I can always order more, though, so if you want some, let me know.