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I’ll keep this post updated as necessary, but here are some links you can add to your podcast app to keep updated on my various podcasts!

First is Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand, my sound collage series.

Second is the main Radio Free Caemlyn feed. This is where all the live shows, such as Friday Night Trivial and Radio Free Caemlyn Project, are done.

Third is Friday Night Trivial. As I type this there’s nothing there, but I plan on posting archives of the old Friday Night Trivia as well as the current Friday Night Trivial shows there.

Next is Marble Operator, the podcast I did covering the YouTube series Marble Hornets, Dark Harvest, TribeTwelve, and MLAndersen.


Radio Free Caemlyn’s Friday Night Trivia L: The Return


Last night, the first night of June 2018, I restarted my Friday Night Trivia series under a slightly new banner. My original title was Friday Night Trivial, but during last night’s love show, Ian the6thDoctor suggested the name you see in the blog title; I think I’ll go with that.

Just like I have a post compiling links to my sound collages, here I’ll collect episode links.

Update: As of Friday, 8 May, 2020, Friday Night Trivial is officially concluding. The show ended last year on an uncertain note, and I brought it back during the Great Quarantine of April 2020, but the show is again returning to the shadows of the archives. Thank you to everyone who made it to the live shows.

Friday Night Trivia L Episode 1: The Abridged Return Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivia L Episode 2: The Apple Pie Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial Episode 3: The Lost in Time Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 4: The Leaked Doctor Who Clip Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 5: The Transmitting From My Dongle Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 6: The Floody Boat Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 7: The I Had No Material Prepared Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 8: The Five Rounds Rapid Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 9: The Good Wine, Good Night Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 10: The Counting Backwards is Hard Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 11: The For the Last Time Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 12: The Sharing Ultraviolets Among Friends Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 13: The Land of 10,000 Wines Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 14: The Bracing for Florence Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 15: The Megan Was Here Edition(Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 16: The Simple Answers Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 17: The Is it Sunday Yet? Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 18: The Reverb Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 19: The Dave Drinks the Merlot Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 20: The Ian is Late Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 21: The Socratic Irony Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 22: The Bottom of the Bottle Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 23: The Ian Has No Drink Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 24: The Whiskey and Drugs Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 25: MISSING
Friday Night Trivial 26: The Doing It Sober Yo Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 27: The Wheel of Letters Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 28: The White Russian and Quarantini Edition (Show Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 29: The Echo Echo Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 30: The Rioja Is the Key Edition (Shownotes)

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Lunchtime Rambles With Rand 3


TalkShoe Link

On this episode, I’m not technically on lunch break as I was off work yesterday. However, I did record an episode live on location at a landing point alongside one of the main rivers that passes through town. On this episode, I discuss NC Governor Cooper’s mask order and who is and isn’t enforcing it. I also discuss some local history about the river/lake I was near at that point. There’s also this episode’s prerequisite Doctor Who mention, as I briefly review Big Finish’s latest Eighth Doctor story, “Stranded 1”.

Backing music in this episode includes:

“Wolkenreise” – Eroc
“Hayling” – FC Kahuna
“Peace & Friendship” – Nouri
“Starbound” – Atlantean
“Circa Forever (Rapid Eye’s Chillseeking Remix” – Rapid Eye

Thank you for listening.

Radio Free Caemlyn’s On This Day…15 June


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I really need to get in the regular habit of making these episodes more often. Anyway, my microphone started screwing up right at the end. For some reason, Audition is having problems detecting my sound mixer, so I had to resort to a USB mic (in this case my Blue Yeti).

Thank you for listening!

Radio Free Caemlyn’s On This Day…6 May


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Time for a newly-recorded episode of Radio Free Caemlyn’s On This Day… (even though the cover art says a slightly different title, sod it, I’ll go with this slightly less-wordy title!) for the 6th of May. The idea behind this podcast series is a short, daily podcast of daily historical notes and notable birthdays.

Please enjoy and thank you for listening.

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 109: Ongoing Rainy Nights


Internet Archive Link

SAFTWR 109 Playlist: Ongoing Rainy Nights
“By Your Side” – COCO
“Rainy Night in Georgia” – Brook Benton
“You Can Do Magic” – America
“New Monster Avenue” – Mountain Goats
“Every Incarnation is This One” – Alan Watts
Excerpt from Marble Operator episode 30
Excerpt from Friday Night Trivial episode 30
New York Telephone commercial
“Breaking Out” – The Protomen
“Rosanna” – Toto
“Thirsty Animal” – Einstürzende Neubauten
Excerpt from Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 47: Ongoing Weariness
“Lost Ship (Explore)” – Ben Prunty (FTL Advanced Soundtrack)
Excerpt from Marble Operator 108
End Credits Theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
“Space Cruise” – Ben Prunty (FTL Original Soundtrack)
“Gemini” – Boards of Canada
“Twin Peaks Theme” – Angelo Badalamenti
“Einstein on the Beach” – Philip Glass
“Pass the Mic” – Beastie Boys
Clips from THX-1138

Friday Night Trivial 30: The Rioja Is the Key Edition


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Friday Night Trivial continues with episode 30. On this episode, Lord Quuizmaster is joined by Dave AC, Ian The 6th Doctor, Perry G., Louis Trapani, and long-time Cultdom listener, first-time caller Johnny G.! Rounds tonight include Ood-Man Out, Spot the Non-Book, Actors in Common, and Doctor Who Anagrams.

Thank you to everyone for showing up, and thank you for listening.

Friday Night Trivial goes live Friday nights at 9pm EST over on TalkShoe.

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 108: You Are Sleeping (The Dreams You Have)


Internet Archive Link

TalkShoe Links: Radio Free Caemlyn and Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand

This latest collage picks up from the cliffhanger ending of Episode 107, being the second half of a two-hour sound collage.

“Opalin” — Aes Dana
“Lost Souls” – Joe Frank radio show excerpts
“For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her” – Simon & Garfunkel
“Pox” – Big Blood
“French Catalogues” – Brian Eno
“Blur” – Aphex Twin
Clip from Discussing Who podcast (episode 191)
Clip from Cultdom Collective Podcast (episode 366)
“All I Ask” – Filo & Peri ft. Fisher
Various clips from MonotoneTim’s Twitch streams
Clips from episode one of 1940s radio drama “Quiet Please”: “Nothing Behind the Door”
Shortwave SSB recordings from CBC Argentina
“Let Down” – Artist Unknown

Please enjoy and thank you for listening.