Radio Free Caemlyn’s Friday Night Trivia L: The Return


Last night, the first night of June 2018, I restarted my Friday Night Trivia series under a slightly new banner. My original title was Friday Night Trivial, but during last night’s love show, Ian the6thDoctor suggested the name you see in the blog title; I think I’ll go with that.

Just like I have a post compiling links to my sound collages, here I’ll collect episode links.

Friday Night Trivia L Episode 1: The Abridged Return Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivia L Episode 2: The Apple Pie Edition (Notes
Friday Night Trivial Episode 3: The Lost in Time Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 4: The Leaked Doctor Who Clip Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 5: The Transmitting From My Dongle Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 6: The Floody Boat Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 7: The I Had No Material Prepared Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 8: The Five Rounds Rapid Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 9: The Good Wine, Good Night Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 10: The Counting Backwards is Hard Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 11: The For the Last Time Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 12: The Sharing Ultraviolets Among Friends Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 13: The Land of 10,000 Wines Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 14: The Bracing for Florence Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 15: The Megan Was Here Edition(Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 16: The Simple Answers Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 17: The Is it Sunday Yet? Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 18: The Reverb Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 19: The Dave Drinks the Merlot Edition (Notes)
Friday Night Trivial 20: The Ian is Late Edition (Notes)

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RFC Christmas Commentaries 1: Doctor Who: The Feast of Steven

Internet Archive Link


Rand al’Thor is doing something insane for this year’s Christmas, here at the end of 2018. Rand is doing solo commentaries on all of the Doctor Who Christmas episodes (either those that are Christmas-themed or aired on Christmas Day). Will Rand make it through all of these episodes okay? Even the Moffat episodes, including some Rand’s never before watched (*cough*Last Christmas *cough*)

Episode 1: The Feast of Steven. Join Rand while watching the only Christmas episode from the original series, the forever-lost, never-to-be-recovered Feast of Steven, episode seven of The Daleks’ Master Plan!

Whatever Happened to Marble Operator?

Internet Archive Link

It’s been a long, long, long time since I ended the Marble Operator podcast. Part of that was due to our core subject series, Marble Hornets, ending, another part was due to my life going completely insane and me no longer having any way of doing conference calls and recording new episodes. Part of that was depression and me just assuming no one ever wants to associate with me. Part of that is me assuming everyone else has just moved on, and me being too terrified of making any effort of reestablishing contact, reopening communication channels. Part of that is too much time passing in silence, life moving on, people moving apart.

I recorded this as a way of maybe starting that communication process. I’d like to get back in contact with former Marble Operator co-hosts: Rion (I’m still in some sort of contact with), Logan, John, Erica, Katie, Abby, Kaitlyn. I’d like to speak with you all again. Catch up on our lives. Maybe do a reunion show.

We’ll see. I’m sorry for being silent for so long.

Rand Reviews: Doctor Who: The Battle of Ranskoor av Kolos

Internet Archive Link

Rand reviews the last episode of Doctor Who series 11, “The Battle of Ranskoor av Kolos”, as well as series 11 as a whole.

Music beds in this episode include, in order:

“Walk on the Wild Side” – DJ Disse
“Breezin'” – Blank & Jones
“Bosaxi” – Jose Padilla
“Calling” – CMG
“A Drifting Up” – Jon Hopkins
“Peace & Friendship” – Nouri

How I Make Sound Collages

Here’s a brief pulling back of the curtains, looking behind the scenes, of how I make my sound collages.

First of all, I make them all in Adobe Audition. I tried to use Audacity, but it just cannot handle the processing of these collages, and it lacks a playlist feature like Audition has.


First step is to open a music track to use as a source for loops. For this example, I’m using Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”. I really like the drums at the start, so I’ve zoomed in on that. Just need to highlight to copy/paste to a new sound file.



There, now I’ve got a loop segment. Next step is to open a new multitrack session, so I can have a canvas on which to make this new collage.

Once done, I can start dropping stuff into the multitrack session. Here, I’ve put a few instances of that Atmosphere loop. I’ve crossfaded to make it sound a bit better looped and also to try and hide the cut.


Next step is to find a voice sample. This isn’t always the next step, but for this example it is. I’ve got a clip from Hal Hartley’s movie “Surviving Desire”.


Let’s drop that into its own audio track on the multitrack session. It’s longer than the loops I’ve put in, so I’ve added some more loops to cover the sample. We’ve got the start of a sound collage now.


Next step could be anything. More Atmosphere samples, loops from something else, add stuff, subtract stuff. Go in any direction. That’s the fun of these, the journey. I never know how these will turn out, and it’s never how I intend from the start.

By the way, here’s what I made in this brief example.