The RaT Project 57 Live

Join me on TalkShoe this Saturday night at 9PM EST for another live episode of The RaT Project. We’ll start the show with a round-up of all relevant news topics, then launch into our main topic.

This Friday, 4 December, 2009, USA Network airs the final episode of their long-running detective drama, Monk. Join Rand in a look at the series finale episode, “Mr. Monk and The End, Part 2”, as well as a retrospective of the show’s eight seasons. We’ll discuss high points and low points of the show, what made it such a great show, etc.

Spoiler Warning in advance, as we shall be discussing plot elements from the finale, including how the entire series wraps up.

Hope to see you there!

News topics up for discussion:
BBC Confirms airdate/times for Doctor Who: The End of Time (both parts)
Final thoughts on Desert Bus Marathon
Duke Nukem D’Day Teased, possible new title?
…more topics to come.

As always, the show can be found here, at TalkShoe ID 21129.

Post-Show Notes:

Great show, indeed. Thanks to Logan_ of Logan’s Run Podcast for showing up and adding to the discussion.

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