Possible New Show in Development

As of today, I am considering starting on a new podcast. This will not replace The RaT Project, but rather be an additional podcast series I manage. This yet-unnamed project will be about the news, and mainstream media. It will be about what the mainstream media doesn’t report, and touch upon the biases inherent within major mainstream media outlets (mainly here in the States, but I’ll include international broadcasts where applicable).

Yes, there will be a fair amount of ranting and raving on my part, as the idea here is to reveal that which mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. Their idea is for you to follow as ignorant sheep, and not think too much about what they’re telling you. This show is in response to that, to show what’s really going on, when distractions are in play, etc.

For this, I’m looking for a co-host or two. I could do this show on my own, but it would be more informative and entertaining with a second voice (or maybe a third) thrown into the mix. If you would like to be a co-host, here is what I’m looking for:

Someone who:
–Keeps up with current events
–Watches/listens to/reads reports from different media outlets
–Has an opinion about mainstream media, and dislikes how they operate
–Can carry on intelligent, mature debates on these things

No idea yet when this show begins, as there is still a lot of planning that remains to be done behind the scenes.

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