Doctor Who News: New Episode Titles Confirmed

In an article today on Digital Spy, the first three episode titles from the upcoming series of Doctor Who have been confirmed. With the exception of the third title, they don’t present spoilers.

New showrunner Steven Moffat wrote the first two episodes, with Mark Gatiss penning the third.

The first episode of the new series will be called The Eleventh Hour, with the following episode entitled The Beast Below.

Third episode under a cut, as it is spoilery. Continue reading “Doctor Who News: New Episode Titles Confirmed”

The RaT Project Commentaries

Coming soon, a sub-series of shows from The RaT Project, wherein I, along with cohorts, watch random episodes of random shows and comment on them. The result is a show you can listen to while you watch whatever episode of whatever series we happen to have done.

Yes, this was an idea I got from Cultdom Collective, I’ll admit.

Anyway, to start this off, I plan on watching and commenting on the pilot episode of Sliders, and I’m looking for a co-host. If you’d like to join me, leave a comment here. I’ll be doing these commentaries via Skype, and it’ll help if you have access to the episode in question.

Scheduling Note: Rescheduled Topics

Well, weather happens, and things became well out of my control. I lost power at my house Friday night after a snow storm struck. Power wasn’t restored until yesterday at around 4:30PM EST. As such, I wasn’t around to host The RaT Project Live. I thank everyone who showed up (Logan, Dave, Chris, and Graeme, from what I can tell).

I’ve bumped the Sci Fi movies topic back to this coming Saturday, where we can actually get a show out of it. I’d like to thank Graeme for providing a better source link, one that lists all the sci fi/fantasy movies coming out this year. The link is here.

The topics on down the calendar have each been bumped to the following weekend.

Anyway, just a programming note.