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The latest studio show, The RaT Project72: Health Care in 3D, is on the feed. In this episode, Rand discusses his initial thoughts on the newly-announced Nintendo 3DS system, and the newly-enacted health care reform in the United States of America.

Episode is now on the feed, plus direct download here.

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Radio Free Caemlyn rolls on with another week of episodes. This Wednesday night, at 9PM EST, Rand hosts an open forum episode of RFC, where the topics will range from politics to current events to whatever else comes up. Feel free to join in the call at TalkShoe ID 72402.

Also, this Friday night, Rand takes on the role of Lord Quizmaster for this week’s Friday Night Trivia. Get ready for some more word puzzle fun. This starts around 9:20PM EST, following New Media Roundtable (at TalkShoe ID 16829).

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The RaT Project 69: Our Book Club [Show Notes]

Thursday, March 4, was World Book Day. To celebrate, this show was devoted to discussing favorite books, and books we’re currently reading. Dave AC and Rand gather quite a list of books.

Dave has a list of books and notes here, which is well worth checking out.

First of all, though, news topics:

Doctor Who news:
Next three episode titles for the 2010 series were announced in Doctor Who Magazine. The titles are “The Time of the Angels”/”Flesh and Stone” (a two-parter written by Steven Moffat) and “Vampires in Venice”, written by Toby Whithouse.

First 2010 series DVD has been announced. The volume will feature the first three episodes of the series, and is set for release June 7.

Canada’s SPACE channel announces April 17 as their start for the 2010 series, which is the same date that BBC America will premiere the new series. Australia, while not having confirmed a date as of yet, has said they will start “within a few weeks of the UK premiere transmission”.

BBC Press Office have confirmed two additional series for Doctor Who spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures. Production on the next series begins at the end of this month.

BBC Worldwide have announced that they now fully own DVD distributor 2|entertain, the company closely associated with Doctor Who classic series releases on DVD. This announcement settles worries over the distributor since it went into administration in 2008.

The Guardian newspaper had an exclusive interview with Matt Smith in their Saturday, 6 March edition.

Gallifrey 21 convention is now in the past, and reports are around the Internet. Doctor Who Podshock’s recent episodes (184 and 185, at least) present coverage from the convention.

Video Game News:

Cover of Nintendo Power V253 confirms Scribblenauts 2 is in the works for the DS, developed by 5th Cell. Following on from last year’s title, this will offer refined controls and camera, larger vocabulary, and the addition of adjectives.

Final Fantasy XIII is now available in the US.

Mega Man 10 is released on Wii’s Virtual Console, available for 1,000 Points. My Quick Review can be found here.

Activision, Infinity Ward fallout. Activision fires IW bosses, who then sue Activision. New direction for IW projects, including Call of Duty/Modern Warfare franchises, possibly new genre directions.

GTA V announcement is possibly “imminent”, before E3.

And that wraps up the news section.

Episode is now live on the feed, and on iTunes. It can also be downloaded here.