The RaT Project 77 Live: Cyberman Conversion

Coming up this Saturday at the normal time of 8PM EST, Rand and panel discuss another popular Doctor Who villain: this time, the Cybermen. First appearing in William Hartnell’s final story, The Tenth Planet, the Cybermen became nearly as iconic a villain as the Daleks. Their most recent appearance was in the 2008 Christmas special, The Next Doctor.

Join Rand and panel in the discussion this Saturday night at 8PM EST, TalkShoe ID 21129. Past episodes can be found in the iTunes podcast directory.

Hope to see you there!

The RaT Project 75 Live: Here Come the Daleks

Coming up this Saturday night at 7 EST on The RaT Project Live, Rand and guests take a look at Daleks as they’ve appeared throughout the run of Doctor Who, from their first appearance at the end of 1963, all the way up to this week’s episode, Victory of the Daleks.

Episode goes live Saturday night at the earlier time of 7PM EST at TalkShoe ID 21129. Be sure to join in!

Radio Free Caemlyn: 48 Hours

On today’s thrilling episode, Rand discusses a variety of current events, including but not limited to the following:

Michio Kaku’s summary and response to President Obama’s new space program plans, outlined today in Florida.

No US Flag in Haiti

…plus discussion on Iceland volcanoes, nuclear disarmament, the UK Leaders’ Debate, and more.

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Show can also be found on, podcastalley, and mevio.

Coming Up on The RaT Project Live

The RaT Project 75: Dialing Up the Stargate

Join Rand and panel as they discuss all things Stargate, including the original movie, Stargate SG:1, Stargate: Atlantis, and the current series, Stargate: Universe. Who knows, they might even mention Stargate: Infinity.

The show starts this Saturday night at 8PM EST at TalkShoe ID 21129.

Programming note for the coming weeks. Next Saturday, 17 April, sees BBC America premiering the new series of Doctor Who. Starting at 8PM, they’ll air an exclusive documentary on Doctor Who, followed at 9PM by the American premiere of The Eleventh Hour. Each week onward, Doctor Who will air at 9PM EST on Saturday nights. The RaT Project Live will therefore start at the slightly earlier time of 7PM EST while Doctor Who is in first run on BBC America. Once this series wraps up, The RaT Project will return to its normal start time of 8PM EST.