Coming Up on The RaT Project Live

The RaT Project 75: Dialing Up the Stargate

Join Rand and panel as they discuss all things Stargate, including the original movie, Stargate SG:1, Stargate: Atlantis, and the current series, Stargate: Universe. Who knows, they might even mention Stargate: Infinity.

The show starts this Saturday night at 8PM EST at TalkShoe ID 21129.

Programming note for the coming weeks. Next Saturday, 17 April, sees BBC America premiering the new series of Doctor Who. Starting at 8PM, they’ll air an exclusive documentary on Doctor Who, followed at 9PM by the American premiere of The Eleventh Hour. Each week onward, Doctor Who will air at 9PM EST on Saturday nights. The RaT Project Live will therefore start at the slightly earlier time of 7PM EST while Doctor Who is in first run on BBC America. Once this series wraps up, The RaT Project will return to its normal start time of 8PM EST.

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