The RaT Project Notes

Apologies for canceling last night’s live episode. I didn’t really have any material prepared, and I had soem things come up IRL (in real life) at the last minute, so I wasn’t able to be at the computer during that hour.

I decided giving the show the weekend off wouldn’t be too bad.

I’ve recorded and uploaded a new studio episode of The RaT Project. In this rather short episode, I give my thoughts on a speculative extension of a plot point from the Doctor Who episode “Cold Blood”. Needless to say it’s spoilery, so if you’ve not seen the episode yet, keep it on hand until after you’ve seen the episode.

Happy Towel Day, Everyone! Also, Geek Pride Day!

Yes, two great observances in the same day! First of all, it’s Towel Day, in remembrance of Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books. Be sure to have a towel with you throughout the day, because you should always know where your towel is.

Also, it’s Geek Pride Day. Keep the following in mind for today:

Then again, isn’t every day Geek Pride Day? 😉

The RaT Project Commentaries Episode 1: “To Avoid the Sun”

Welcome to the first episode of the commentary series for The RaT Project. In this series, a very special guest, @Inventrix, and I shall watch all the episodes of the original Fullmetal Alchemist series and provide commentary.

Herein Inventrix and I comment on the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, “To Challenge the Sun”. So, find your copy of the first episode, queue it up to the start, and listen to this podcast as you’re watching the episode, and enjoy!

Thanks to @Inventrix for her help.

Direct download mp3:

The RaT Project Live + The Doctor Who Podcast Alliance

The RaT Project Live is now a member of the ever-growing Doctor Who Podcast Alliance. Check out the site I just linked to there for a list of all sorts of Doctor Who fan podcasts. You’ll find everything from Doctor Who Podshock, to the Tin Dog Podcast, to Cultdom Collective, Tim’s Take On, Flashing Blade, Staggering Stories, and many, many more.

The twitter feed is here.

Thanks for the listing, guys, I’m glad to be a part of this group.