Miscellaneous Projects Underway

I’m now working on a number of projects for The RaT Project and Radio Free Caemlyn. Here’s a look at what I’m working on.

Friday Night Trivia: My ever-popular Friday night series rolls on. This Friday, I’m doing another game focusing on word puzzles and riddles. Join in the fun at TalkShoe ID 72402. Preshow starts around 9:05 with the show starting around 9:30PM EST.

Saturday night Live shows for The RaT Project continue. In recent weeks, we’ve discussed popular enemies on Doctor Who, including the Cybermen and the Daleks. Got a topic you’d like to discuss on The RaT Project? Send in your ideas for consideration.

Mario Marathon 3 starts towards the end of next month, and I’m going to try to interview Brian Brinegar, Dan May, and John Groth, the three guys in charge of the event. Look for this sometime this month.

My first Let’s Play series. I’m now working on my first ever Let’s Play series, starting off by playing a ROM-hack of Super Mario Bros..

Radio Free Caemlyn’s Daily Shows, wherein I discuss current events, sometimes politics, and sometimes what’s going on in my real life. Look for those on random weekdays. Sometimes they’ll go live on TalkShoe.

Doctor Who Commentary Episodes over on Cultdom Collective. I’m helping out with the weekly episode commentaries that Ian and Dave, over at Cultdom Collective podcast, are doing for series fnarg of Doctor Who. On Sunday nights, the three of us get together over Skype, watch that week’s episode of Doctor Who, and record our thoughts, comments, and observations about the episode. Those are usually available, over at TalkShoe ID 54821 and on iTunes, halfway through the week.

The Media Outsiders. I’m a co-host on the Sunday night live episodes of Bruce “Logan”‘s new show, where we discuss TV, movies, and video games. I’m the Nintendo fan in the midst of XBOX and PlayStation fans. Those go live Sunday nights at 10PM EST, at TalkShoe ID 81865

And that’s some of what I’m working on.

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