This Weekend on RaT Network

This weekend’s shows start Friday night as always with Friday Night Trivia over on Radio Free Caemlyn at 9:30 EST. There’s a twist to the formula this week. On Friday Night Trivia XXIII – To the Other Side, Darth Skeptical takes the helm with questions, and I’ll be on the side of everyone else called in. Be sure to join in for that, as I’m sure Darth’s got a fun night of trivia planned.

Saturday night on The RaT Project, starting at 8PM EST, the topic is favorite video game characters. So be sure to call in and mention your favorite video game characters. I look forward to that discussion.

Now an advance notice on next weekend. There will be no Friday Night Trivia on August 20th, as that is when I’ll be moving into my room in a residential hall at University. I doubt I’ll have my computer set up in time for trivia, so I’ve went ahead and canceled plans for FNT just in case stuff comes up that night. That weekend’s RaT Project should still go on as planned, but don’t be surprised if that gets canceled as well.

That’s that. Hope to see you at Friday Night Trivia and RaT Project this weekend!