The RaT Project 93: Of Ben and Jadusable

The latest episode of The RaT Project is available to download, either automatically if you’re subscribed to the feed in iTunes or whatever feed reader you use, or direct download is here.

The RaT Project returns with a new episode, this time a brief studio episode wherein Rand recounts the Jadusable saga that had all of the /x/ section of 4chan in an uproar recently.

Jadusable’s YouTube account can be found here. The site associated with the story (and where you can find Jadusable’s letter from earlier today detailing why he’s putting this on hiatus) can be found here.

The RaT Project Live is still on hiatus for a while. Expect the show to return here the end of the month, with any luck.

Anyway, please subscribe to the show in iTunes (or whichever program you use to keep up with podcasts). Also feel free to leave a rating on either the show’s TalkShoe page (and please leave feedback there, too), or in the iTunes podcast directory.

Friday Night Trivia Returns This Friday Night

After too long of a hiatus, Radio Free Caemlyn will return to the airwaves with an all-new night of trivia. On 10 September, at 9.30pm EST, Friday Night Trivia XXIV goes live, and begins a modified format.

The winner each week can, if they want, host the following week’s trivia. So now there’s a new incentive to win.

Join in this Friday night as Ian “The 6th Doctor” from Cultdom Collective podcast steps up as host of Friday Night Trivia. What topics will he come up with? Tune in to find out.

Hope to see you there. TalkShoe ID 72402.

Quick Update on Podcasts

I’m back at University now, and I’ve not yet had a chance to drop by the IT Dept. to resolve an issue crucial to me continuing the podcasts live on TalkShoe. Here’s the thing: I can’t connect to TalkShoe via a SIP client, which is necessary for me to host shows on TalkShoe. There is a port forwarding issue, wherein the necessary port is blocked by the Uni’s network.

Add to that the fact that I don’t yet know where on campus the IT Dept. has been moved to. This Uni is notorious for moving places like that around campus as they tear down old buildings and construct new ones.

I should have the issue resolved by the end of this week, though. Friday Night Trivia may not take place this Friday, but definitely next week.