This episode has been on the feed for at least a week, but I’m only now noticing I don’t have a blog post up about it. So here we go, some notes on episode 35 of Radio Free Caemlyn.

On the evening of 31 October, 2010, I was perusing the /v/ section of 4chan. Some anon had started a thread wherein they asked fellow anon to visit a certain website and record themselves saying the following quote from Fallout: New Vegas, “Patrolling the Mohave makes me wish for a nuclear winter.” Most anon followed the directions and recorded themselves saying that particular quote, but a good many deviated from that rule and said other things. A lot of the results were quite hilarious, so I decided to rip the audio with Audacity and piece them together in a podcast, with music backing.

This is the result.

Anyway, it was fun piecing that together. Hope you enjoy the result.