Friday Night Trivia 27: Riddles Before the Solstice

Friday Night Trivia returned last night with the 27th edition, and can be downloaded here (or automatically downloaded, if you’re subscribed to the RSS feed in your program of choice).

Joining me were CharlieP79, Darth Skeptical, DaveAC, and Ian The6thDoctor. Category topics ranged from geography, to comic books, to classical music, and more. It was an excellent episode, if I do say so myself, and well worth a listen.

FNT will return this coming Friday, Christmas Eve, with a holiday-themed episode. Hope to see you there.

Holiday Break Means New Live Episodes

With my fall semester drawing to a close this week, I’ve scheduled some live episodes of my two podcasts. Radio Free Caemlyn will go live the last three Fridays of the year, at 9:30pm EST each of those evenings. Join yours truly, Lord Quizmaster, for fun, frivolity, and obscurity.

Besides that, my flagship show, The RaT Project Live, will be on the air at least twice this month. Next live show is 18 December at 8pm, where the topic will be, “What Makes a Villain Memorable?”. This topic looks at villains from across all forms of media (books, comics, animation, movies, video games, TV shows, etc) and debates what qualities set a memorable villain apart from all the others. Feel free to mention your own favorite villains, and explain why they are favorites.

Following that, The RaT Project Live will go on the air on Sunday, 26 December, at 8pm EST, when I’ll be hosting my second annual “Game of the Year” episode. Join Rand and guests as they look back at all the video games that came out this year for PC, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PSP. Also up for discussion are new trends in the gaming industry that arose this year, including Kinect and PlayStation Move, OnLive, and many others.

Hope to see you on the live shows.

So, for those playing along at home, here’s the schedule for upcoming live episodes:

17 December, at 9:30pm EST: Radio Free Caemlyn: Friday Night Trivia XXXVII – Riddles Before the Solstice

18 December, at 8:00pm EST: The RaT Project 95 – What Makes a Villain Memorable?

24 December, at 9:30pm EST: Radio Free Caemlyn: Friday Night Trivia XXVIII – Yuletide Obscurity

26 December, at 8:00pm EST: The RaT Project 96 – Games of the Year 2010 Edition

31 December, at 9:30pm EST: Radio Free Caemlyn: Friday Night Trivia XXIX – At Year’s End

1 January, at 8:00pm EST: The RaT Project 97 – Untitled Episode