E3 2011 Coverage

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is set to take place in early June, and The RaT Project Live is ready to cover the big three press conferences. Just as last year, The RaT Project will go live on TalkShoe just before each company’s conference starts.

Here’s a breakdown of when each conference takes place:

Microsoft kicks off this year’s press conferences at 1.00pm EST on 6 June.

Sony follows up much later in the day, at 8.00 pm EST, also on 6 June.

Nintendo have just confirmed their conference: noon EST on 7 June, just as I’d predicted.

As for what’s going on with each conference, it’s mainly speculation at this point. There is talk of Microsoft discussing a new console, a follow-up to the XBOX 360. At last year’s event, they revealed Kinect and the XBOX 360 “slim”.

With their PlayStation Network still down, and upwards of 90 million accounts hacked, Sony has a lot of explaining to do. PlayStation is a brand in serious trouble right now, and all eyes and ears will be on Sony reasoning, defending, and explaining themselves.

Nintendo recently confirmed they are working on a new home console, a successor to the Wii, currently under the supposed code-name “Project CafĂ©”. Nintendo have also confirmed that they will have playable units of this new console on the show floor, so expect Nintendo to reveal the new console there at E3. Plus, there are plenty of games for Nintendo to discuss, including Super Mario 3D and probably more info on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Hope to see you at the live broadcasts!

UPDATE: Join Rand and guests on 14 May, 2011 at 8.00pm EST (TalkShoe ID 21129) for discussion and speculation as to what will be revealed at this year’s E3.