Marble Operator

I’m nearing a point with my latest podcast, Marble Operator, where I’m going to have to change up the format, and I’d like some suggestions as to what do do once I reach that point.

The current format for Marble Operator includes a recap of previous entries.  We’ve gone from Introduction and Entry #1 and will be going up to Entry #48.  Previous episodes have seen us discuss subsequent entries in the news segment (Entry #49 was the first to be posted since the beginning of the podcast’s live episodes), so there’s no need to go over those entries a second time.  (Same goes for totheark’s replies since Sidenote)

So the question becomes, what to do on the podcast once we’ve reached that point?  What do we spend the episodes doing?  We can analyze different characters, discuss different theories for the story, and so on.  Or we could do whatever you, the fans, suggest.  If you have a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.

Once we’ve discussed all the entries, I might cut down on the frequency of new episodes, and switch to just once a week, on Tuesday nights. 

As for things I’m planning, it would be fantastic if we could get the Marble Hornets guys themselves (Troy, Joseph, and Tim) on the podcast for an interview.  I’ll definitely be investigating that possibility, but I know how busy they are with University and work, and the series itself.  Perhaps we can talk with them during the break between seasons two and three.

Anyway, just wanted to update you guys on the state of things for the podcast.  I’d like to thank KissofJudas for joining as a co-host, and all the myriad people who show up every now and then, including Tycho, Werebuffalo, and everyone else.

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