Friday Night Trivia LXI – Gameplay Update

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DarthSkeptical was the guest host for last night’s Friday Night Trivia, the 61st edition of that series. At the start of the show, Darth introduced a change to his formula of doing questions. Instead of just waiting for someone to either correctly guess a question or for everyone to just give up, he sped up the process by giving everyone one guess to each question. Should everyone guess incorrectly (or if it just seemed that everyone was stumped by a particular question), Darth would call time on that question and introduce multiple choice answers, and everyone would have to type in their choice in the chat room.

I quite like this change to what had been the standard formula. This eliminates all the dead air that we usually end up getting during trivia shows (and what, in effect, makes the recordings so unlistenable, in my opinion). This also speeds up the shows quite a bit.

Definitely a welcome improvement to the trivia shows, and one that I’ll be implementing whenever I host.

RFC 39 Playlist

Here’s the playlist for Radio Free Caemlyn episode 39 for 23 February, 2012

Set 1
Mega Man 4 Let The Be Light OC ReMix
Rooftop Run Act 1 (Sonic Generations) – Tomoya Ohtani
Final Fantasy Trancelude OC ReMix

Set 2
Donkey Kong Country Permutation OC ReMix
Dragon Warrior Thou Art a DJ OC ReMix
Zelda (Techno Remix)
Koopa’s Road – Super Mario 64

Set 3
City Escape Act 1 Sonic Generations
Legend of Zelda Abandon Theme (Techno Remix)
Banjo-Kazooie Malevolent Mansion OC Remix
Muda Kingdom theme – Super Mario Land
Wizards & Warriors Theme OC Remix

Set 4
Cave Dungeon – Super Mario 64
Kirby’s Dream Land 2 Breakbeat Forest OC Remix
Green Hill Zone Act 1 Sonic Generations
Zelda Link’s Awakening It’s My Turn to Dream OC Remix
Sonic Generations End Roll Medley 2

Radio Free Caemlyn Returns to Its Roots

Last night I resumed somethng I used to do with Radio Free Caemlyn, back before Friday Night Trivia became the main thing that podcast is known for. Following on from the news that MonotoneTim will be hosting his own radio show on his Uni’s radio station, I thought back to what I had once been doing with Radio Free Caemlyn, when I would host impromptu live shows, with a mix of music sets and discussion on various topics. I never had a set schedule for those, I’d just do one whenever I felt like.

Well, I thought, why not bring that old format back? Why not resume what I used to do, only this time have a set schedule for these? So last night, on my test channel on TalkShoe (it’s a secret to everyone), I hosted a live show, playing sets of video game music (I find that works best with these shows) and discussing myriad topics. I now have that recording up on the proper RFC feed in case you want to give it a listen.

Now, several issues come to mind when dealing with this idea: it’d be neat to have an audience for these live shows, but I’m not sure how to deal with callers, should people want to call in and join me on the air. Whenever I’m on the air with someone, I feel that music is an intrusion, so if I have callers on the air with me, I’ll hold off on playing sets of music. Unless they’re okay with that, and we’re at a break in the discussion anyway.

That’s the main thing, which I guess I just resolved anyway. Then there’s the other thing, that being audio quality. It’d be nice to enjoy the music, but audio through TalkShoe is very compressed. I’d like to have clear audio, so the music sounds the best. I’ll look into alternative methods of streaming, to get that higher audio quality, but whatever I find that way won’t be done live via TalkShoe (sure, the recordings will (hopefully) be uploaded to the RFC feed).

But it’s all about the audio quality, and what TalkShoe provides just is not up to what I want.

Hope to see you on the next live show. I’ll try to do these each Thursday night, 9-11pm eastern time, TalkShoe ID 72402.

Marble Operator Resumes

As a fan podcast of Marble Hornets, Marble Operator only really has discussion topics when MH is presenting new entries. Marble Hornets’ second season concluded late last year, and the podcast has thus gone on hiatus, after having a roundtable discussion on how the second season concluded. Marble Operator’s return has been dependent on Marble Hornets’ return. Looking at the @marblehornets twitter feed, as well as OoG information, it looks like MH may be resuming sometime soon. J is actively investigating the whereabouts of Tim, and finding some interesting details.

So, with the third and final season of MH nearly upon us, MO is going to come out of hiatus. Join Rand, KissofJudas, other panelists and guests this Tuesday evening, 14 February, at 10pm eastern, at TalkShoe ID 112081, for a live episode, as we discuss the latest from the MH twitter feed, and give our thoughts as to how we expect season three to open, and what we hope to see in Entry #53.

After that live episode, we’ll see how things go with MH itself to decide on additional live episodes. At most, MO will probably remain a once-weekly podcast, though.

Anyway, that’s the latest on the Marble Operator podcast! Hope to see you at the next live show.

Radio Free Caemlyn’s Friday Night Trivia – Guest Host Editions

Radio Free Caemlyn’s series of Friday Night Trivia shows has been back on the air for a while, now, and I started doing something new with the format upon its return. Well, it was not entirely unprecedented in the show’s history, as I had done this a couple times previous. Anyway, Friday Night Trivia now does guest host editions!

This has been going on for quiite a while now, but I thought I would finally write up an article describing this idea. You see, I had been the only host for trivia, and the only one writing material. I eventually thought, wouldn’t it be a fun idea to let other people have the chance to write up their own material and host? I shouldn’t be the one having all the fun, and besides, my routines for hosting, for coming up with material, were probably becoming well known and old. The show needed something new and this would be that new thing.

I started this off by deciding that whoever won that particular week would have the chance of being the guest host for the following week. DarthSkeptical was the winner that week, and he indeed chose to host. It has gone on from there, each week the winner has the opportunity to host the following week. An ongoing thing now is whether or not I manage to win back my show, which I’ve managed to a couple of times. A few weeks back, I did win, and was finally back in the host position. Besides DarthSkeptical, guest hosts have included show regulars The6thDoctor, CharlieP79, and DaveAC.

So there you go, the new direction of Friday Night Trivia, with guest hosts. It’s always fun to see what guest hosts come up with. Feel free to join in a live show, Friday nights at 9pm eastern time, at TalkShoe ID 72402, and you might win.