Marble Operator Resumes

As a fan podcast of Marble Hornets, Marble Operator only really has discussion topics when MH is presenting new entries. Marble Hornets’ second season concluded late last year, and the podcast has thus gone on hiatus, after having a roundtable discussion on how the second season concluded. Marble Operator’s return has been dependent on Marble Hornets’ return. Looking at the @marblehornets twitter feed, as well as OoG information, it looks like MH may be resuming sometime soon. J is actively investigating the whereabouts of Tim, and finding some interesting details.

So, with the third and final season of MH nearly upon us, MO is going to come out of hiatus. Join Rand, KissofJudas, other panelists and guests this Tuesday evening, 14 February, at 10pm eastern, at TalkShoe ID 112081, for a live episode, as we discuss the latest from the MH twitter feed, and give our thoughts as to how we expect season three to open, and what we hope to see in Entry #53.

After that live episode, we’ll see how things go with MH itself to decide on additional live episodes. At most, MO will probably remain a once-weekly podcast, though.

Anyway, that’s the latest on the Marble Operator podcast! Hope to see you at the next live show.

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