RFC 39 Playlist

Here’s the playlist for Radio Free Caemlyn episode 39 for 23 February, 2012

Set 1
Mega Man 4 Let The Be Light OC ReMix
Rooftop Run Act 1 (Sonic Generations) – Tomoya Ohtani
Final Fantasy Trancelude OC ReMix

Set 2
Donkey Kong Country Permutation OC ReMix
Dragon Warrior Thou Art a DJ OC ReMix
Zelda (Techno Remix)
Koopa’s Road – Super Mario 64

Set 3
City Escape Act 1 Sonic Generations
Legend of Zelda Abandon Theme (Techno Remix)
Banjo-Kazooie Malevolent Mansion OC Remix
Muda Kingdom theme – Super Mario Land
Wizards & Warriors Theme OC Remix

Set 4
Cave Dungeon – Super Mario 64
Kirby’s Dream Land 2 Breakbeat Forest OC Remix
Green Hill Zone Act 1 Sonic Generations
Zelda Link’s Awakening It’s My Turn to Dream OC Remix
Sonic Generations End Roll Medley 2

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