Friday Night Trivia LXI – Gameplay Update

Direct Download

DarthSkeptical was the guest host for last night’s Friday Night Trivia, the 61st edition of that series. At the start of the show, Darth introduced a change to his formula of doing questions. Instead of just waiting for someone to either correctly guess a question or for everyone to just give up, he sped up the process by giving everyone one guess to each question. Should everyone guess incorrectly (or if it just seemed that everyone was stumped by a particular question), Darth would call time on that question and introduce multiple choice answers, and everyone would have to type in their choice in the chat room.

I quite like this change to what had been the standard formula. This eliminates all the dead air that we usually end up getting during trivia shows (and what, in effect, makes the recordings so unlistenable, in my opinion). This also speeds up the shows quite a bit.

Definitely a welcome improvement to the trivia shows, and one that I’ll be implementing whenever I host.

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