TalkShoe or Google+ Hangouts?

This is an extension of a thing I’ve debated for a long time, at least as far as Friday Night Trivia is concerned.

The basic idea, from a couple years ago (when I started doing FNT), was to include images or perhaps even video into the trivia shows. Back in the beginning, I was structuring Friday Night Trivia like Jeopardy! episodes. To keep the players aware of which questions were still available to choose, I’d need a visual representation. Back then, I made charts to go along with the trivia shows, but had no way of displaying them in any way other than repeatedly uploading updated images.

Skip ahead to now, when Google+ is a thing, and Hangouts now have on-air functionality. Start a G+ Hangout, go live, and you can share audio and video with everyone in the room. It’s a similar setup to TalkShoe, except with G+, you have to be a G+ member in order to join the Hangout. On TalkShoe, you can join anonymously as a guest. This leads into a list of things to take into question when determining whether to do Friday Night Trivia (or any podcast, really) on TalkShoe or Google+ Hangouts. Anyway…Friday Night Trivia has settled into a regular crowd, most of which are on G+. But not all.

Anyway, what would moving trivia to Hangouts mean? Improved audio quality, shows would be posted to my YouTube channel, those are the two main things (I could also extract an mp3 to upload to the RFC feed). Besides that, the show could continue to grow and improve, with all sorts of new category ideas opened up with the functionality G+ Hangouts offers. Then there’s the stability of G+ as opposed to TalkShoe, which is wont to have the occasional issue.

So, what does all this long-winded gobbledygook mean? (Also, Chrome’s spellchecker actually accepts “gobbledygook” as a word) It means I’m considering moving Friday Night Trivia to Google+ Hangouts. It’s not a definite thing. As things stand, I’m leaving the show on TalkShoe, with Radio Free Caemlyn. It’s really up to your response, the listeners and people who’ve been regulars at Friday Night Trivia.

So, I turn to you. Listeners and participants, what do you think? Should Friday Night Trivia stay where it is on TalkShoe, where everything works and we’re familiar with the format? Or are Hangouts a viable alternative, and something we should try at least once? Let me know.

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