The Eye of the World ReRead

In these months leading up to the release of the final The Wheel of Time novel, A Memory of Light, I’ve been doing a special series of podcast episodes wherein I read the first book in the series, The Eye of the World. While I might not finish the first book, I probably won’t be reading subsequent books. Even having picked up the pace as I have, I’m currently only 16 chapters, 212 pages in. Nowhere near halfway.

Anyway, I thought I would compile a list of just the reread episodes, in order, rather than have to scour the RSS feed for them. Here they are:

Prologue: Dragonmount
Chapter 1: An Empty Road
Chapter 2: Strangers
Chapter 3: The Peddler
Chapter 4: The Gleeman
Chapter 5: Winternight
Chapter 6: The Westwood
Chapter 7: Out of the Woods
Chapter 8: A Place of Safety
Chapter 9: Tellings of the Wheel
Chapter 10: Leavetaking
Chapter 11: The Road to Taren Ferry
Chapter 12: Across the Taren
Chapter 13: Choices
Chapter 14: The Stag and Lion
Chapter 15: Strangers and Friends
Chapter 16: The Wisdom
Chapter 17: Strangers and Hunters
Chapter 18: The Caemlyn Road
Chapter 19: Shadow’s Waiting
Chapter 20: Dust on the Wind
Chapter 21: Listen to the Wind
Chapter 22: A Path Chosen
Chapter 23: Wolfbrother
Chapter 24: Flight Down the Arinelle
Chapter 25: The Traveling People

So there you go. If you can stand to listen to my voice reading things for hours, then….there you go.

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