The RaT Project Returns (Updated)

I was just throwing together a posting to my Google+ page, in which I talk about upcoming podcast plans, and I made the decision to bring The RaT Project back to the airwaves.

The RaT Project was my first podcast, which I started six years ago. It was in early 2006 that I had discovered podcasts, mainly through the then-new This Week in Tech podcast (, hosted by Leo Laporte, and featuring many familiar names from the old TechTV cable network (Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and others). I was learning about what podcasts were, and, realizing how simple a podcast was to make, I started my own.

(To know more, I recommend listening to an episode of Radio Free Caemlyn I recorded a while back, wherein I discuss my life-long love of radio and broadcasting)

Anyway, The RaT Project started off as an occasional audio blog, and I’d occasionally discuss some gaming news of note. I’d upload the episodes to Putfile (a site that no longer exists, as far as I know), and link them on The Outcasts Guild, a messageboard I frequented.

Eventually, I found out about TalkShoe, where the show lives to this day. I started playing around with doing live shows, after migrating much of the back catalogue to that site. So that’s how the show started on TalkShoe.

There was quite a while, two years or so ago, when I would regularly do shows on Saturday nights. Gaming news, tech news, those started each episode, then we launched into each week’s particular topic. The show gained quite a few regulars, including DaveAC, Logan*, and Graeme “The2ndDoctor”. Then, life intervened, I went back to Uni for my last year, and the show got shelved.

The show has been on indefinite hiatus for long enough, now. The back catalogue, which includes my early attempts (though I’ve removed the pre-TS shows), is still available for download.

In the time since I’ve put the show on hiatus, I’ve received a lot of requests to bring the show back, from either people who were participants back in the day or people who’ve discovered it since. The show is popular, and it is wanted again. So. What now?

On 1 September, a Saturday, The RaT Project Live returns to the airwaves, at 9pm EST. The show will precede Squidlord’s Operation BSU, of course (which has made the transition to Google+ Hangouts, a thing I am still considering), but we’ll see what happens. We’ll still cover the same topics, and discuss the latest gaming and tech news, and discuss various topics each week.

I hope to see you there. Still on TalkShoe for now, while I see how Squid does with Hangouts. We might transition there at some point. But TS for now.

UPDATE: Turns out, Doctor Who returns 1 September on BBC America, at 9pm EST. Same time I was planning on doing this show.

So. DW runs for five episodes, so the weekend after it ends, RaT Project will resume.