Marble Operator at GMX

The Geek Media Expo is an annual convention in Nashville, TN, representing various facets of geek culture. The 2012 event is the fourth annual GMX.

Last year’s GMX saw the Marble Hornets guys in attendance. They hosted three panels, and had a booth at the dealer’s room. Their first panel was a Q&A session about how to make a web serial, their second was a live commentary on season one entries, and the third was a more casual Q&A session on Marble Hornets. They also had a booth at last year’s GMX, selling Marble Hornets DVDs.

So, Troy, Joseph and Tim are appearing at this year’s GMX, hosting some panels, and with a booth again.

I am pleased to announce that two of the three main co-host trio of Marble Operator will also be in attendance. KissofJudas and myself will be at this year’s GMX. We’ll be among the guests at the expo, hoping to meet the MH guys. I’m also hoping to record a bit of an interview with them for the podcast, but we’ll see how that goes with what time they can spare.

So there you have it. Marble Operator will be present at GMX 2012. I’ll try to have something with me to identify me as a Marble Operator co-host, so feel free to say hello if you see either of the cohosts. It’d be neat to meet listeners at the expo.

Geek Media Expo 2012 is October 26-28. Hope to see you there!

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