Marble Operator at GMX V4

The fourth annual Geek Media Expo concluded earlier today. Marble Operator was in attendance, as KissofJudas and I were there.

There were lots of interesting guests at the expo, ranging from voice actors Billy West and Rob Paulson, to Nostalgia Critic/That Guy With the Glasses Doug Walker, and even British adult film actress Tanya Tate (which seems very odd, but she was labeled as “superhero cosplayer”, so, whatever).

However, KissofJudas and I were there for one specific reason, and that was Marble Hornets. Troy Wagner, Joseph Delage III, and Tim Sutton were there, along with a special guest, Brian Haight. As Troy joked during the opening ceremonies, they stuffed him in the trunk of their car and drove north to Franklin, TN for GMX.

Throughout the convention, the guys had a booth near the dealers’ room (for much of the panel they were at the end of the hallway outside the room, later on they moved inside the actual room). They sold DVDs and autographed stuff, and generally chatted with anyone who visited them. It was that Friday evening that KissofJudas and I got in line, had them autograph our DVDs. (Note: I have the original, typo version of the season one DVD, which Troy and Joseph enjoyed seeing (“Hey, you’re one of the originals!”)

It was great meeting them for the first time. I mentioned the podcast, and they thought it was cool.

Anyway, the Marble Hornets guys hosted two panels at the expo. The first was a Q&A session, which I recorded on my 3DS. (I sat in the front row, holding up my 3DS to record, and Joseph kept staring at me) I’ll see about uploading this footage to YouTube soon.

The second panel was a live commentary on season two, which started at around 1am central Saturday night. In the half-hour leading up to it, Tim tweeted that it should be a pyjama party and people should show up in their pyjamas, and that he definitely would. Sure enough, he did.

That’s enough for now. I’ll set about filing a report on the report for Marble Operator podcast, so that’ll be up on the feed soon.

I had a great time at GMX and had fun meeting the Marble Hornets guys.

UPDATE: This is weeks old, but I have the MH Q&A panel posted on my YouTube channel.

Radio Free Caemlyn’s Creepypasta Series

So, it’s October, it’s autumn, it’s harvest season, but in particular, Halloween is at the end of the month. All sorts of creepy shenanigans ensue.

Since earlier this year, I’ve been recording creepypastas for the podcast. What is a creepypasta? Well, the name comes from the phrase “copypasta”, which itself is a bastardization of “copy and paste”; the phrase refers to stories that are not original content, but rather copied and pasted from another source. Creepypastas are simply scary stories that are generally copied and pasted in new threads. Like so many Internet memes, creepypasta and copypasta were phrases used on 4chan, mainly the /b/ section.

Anyway, etymology lesson complete, on to the point of this post. As I said, I’ve been recording many creepypastas for Radio Free Caemlyn, and, given the nature of that podcast feed, things tend to get lost in the shuffle. Here, then, is a linked list of all the creepypastas I have recorded for RFC.

One-Man Hide-and-Seek
Sleep Tight
CB Radio
Mr. Odd
Under the Bridge
The Chernobyl Experiment
The Apparition in the Water
Unnatural Photography
The Keyhole
Repercussions of Evil
Time Traveler
The Lighthouse
Discarded Knife
Dark Circle
A Mother’s Power
The Room in the Attic
Lamp Light
The Masterpiece
4AM Japanese Game Show
Energy-Matter Transfer Machine
The Rake
Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride
The Mysterious Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas
LSD: Dream Emulator
BEN: TheTruth.txt
About Candle Cove
Majora’s Mask
Lavender Town Tone
Box in the Back Room
Working Late
SMWCentral Mario ROM Hack
Lost YouTube Video
Pokemon Sleeping Emerald
Zelda 64 Beta
A Face in the Crowd

Radio Free Caemlyn’s SCP Series

On Radio Free Caemlyn, I have been doing creepypastas. Part of this has been various SCP entries. For those unfamiliar, SCP is a collection of creepypastas, based on an organization, the Foundation, and their attempts to Secure, Contain, and Protect hundreds of objects that possess unexplained, perhaps even supernatural, abilities, that could greatly damage not just mankind, but the world. Each entry is structured as instructions on secure containment of a specific object.

I’ve recorded a number of these for Radio Free Caemlyn, and, as a way of organizing through the cluttered podcast feed, I here present a listing of all the SCP entries I’ve recorded.

SCP-002: The “Living” Room
SCP-024: The Game Show of Death
SCP-028: Knowledge
SCP-043: The Beatle
SCP-048: The Cursed SCP Number
SCP-052: Time-Traveling Train
SCP-072: The Foot of the Bed
SCP-079: Old AI
SCP-087: The Stairwell
SCP-100: The Worst Thing in the World (Entry no longer exists)
SCP-119: Timecrowave
SCP-131: The “Eye Pods”
SCP-153: Drain Worms
SCP-158: Soul Extractor
SCP-173: The Sculpture
SCP-192: Flawless X-Ray Machine
SCP-221: Compulsion Tweezers
SCP-226: Puzzle of Terror
SCP-261: Pan-Dimensional Vending
SCP-293: Obsession
SCP-313: Powerful Hand Dryer
SCP-330: Take Only Two
SCP-400: The Telephone Box (Entry is now archived)
SCP-478: Tooth Fairies
SCP-566: Word a Day
SCP-1165: Minus Level
SCP-1207: Not a Mirror
SCP-1305: Cat Lure

Radio Free Caemlyn Main Series

Over on Radio Free Caemlyn, the episode listing is cluttered with various ideas for shows. There are Friday Night Trivia episodes, there are creepypasta recordings, there are poetry readings, and there are the “main series” episodes (usually studio episodes wherein I discuss various topics).

To make sorting through things a bit easier, I’m going to post all the “main series” episodes here, and update as necessary.

Note: I actually didn’t start numbering with episode one. Don’t know why, don’t remember why, but for some reason the first episode is labelled as episode twelve. Doesn’t make sense, but there you have it.

Another note: subtitles for these have nothing to do with episode content. The episode descriptions contain that information. The subtitle is always some sort of play on the episode number. It’s a thing I got from the Mike O’Meara Show podcast.

Anyway, episode listing:

Radio Rand al’Thor: 12 Starsigns
Radio Rand al’Thor: Lucky 13
Radio Rand al’Thor: M14
Radio Rand al’Thor: 15 Step
Radio Rand al’Thor: Sweet 16
Radio Rand al’Thor: 17 by Kings of Leon
Radio Rand al’Thor: 18 Alive
Radio Rand al’Thor 19: TCP/IP Port for Chargen
Radio Rand al’Thor: d20 System
Radio Rand al’Thor: 21 Demands
Radio Rand al’Thor: Catch-22
Radio Rand al’Thor: 23rd Port for Telnet
Radio Free Caemlyn: 24 was Willie Mays
Radio Free Caemlyn: WRAT Channel 25
Radio Free Caemlyn 26: Between a Square and a Cube
Radio Free Caemlyn at Space Dock 27
Radio Free Caemlyn: 28 is the Fourth Magic Number
Radio Free Caemlyn: 29 is a Perrin Number
Radio Free Caemlyn 30: Atomic Number of Zync
Radio Free Caemlyn: 31 is the Third Mersenne Prime
Radio Free Caemlyn: Messier 32
Radio Free Caemlyn: Spin that 33
Radio Free Caemlyn: NGC 34
Radio Free Caemlyn 35: Patrolling the Mojave
Radio Free Caemlyn 36: Atomic Number of Krypton
Radio Free Caemlyn 37: A Brilliant List of Doctor Who Red Herrings
Radio Free Caemlyn 38: NaNoWriMo is Coming…
Radio Free Caemlyn 39: Doctor Who Movie Reaction
Radio Free Caemlyn M40
Radio Free Caemlyn 41: WoT ReRead: EotW Chapter 2
Radio Free Caemlyn 42 – Evolution of Story-Telling Mediums in 20th Century
Radio Free Caemlyn 43: SCP-100 The Worst Thing in the World
Radio Free Caemlyn 44: SCP-024 Game Show of Death
Radio Free Caemlyn: 45 rpm
Radio Free Caemlyn 46: SCP-043: The Beatle
Radio Free Caemlyn: 47 is a Carol Number
Radio Free Caemlyn 48: SCP-002: The “Living” Room
Radio Free Caemlyn 49: SCP-153: Drain Worms
Radio Free Caemlyn 50: A Face in the Crowd
Radio Free Caemlyn 51: Zelda 64 Beta
Radio Free Caemlyn 52: Pokemon Sleeping Emerald
Radio Free Caemlyn: 53rd Precinct
Radio Free Caemlyn: Studio 54
Radio Free Caemlyn: 55th Wing
Radio Free Caemlyn: Fifty-Six, Arkansas
Radio Free Caemlyn: West 57th Street
Radio Free Caemlyn: 58 MPH Wind Speed
Radio Free Caemlyn: 59th Street, Central Park South
RFC 60: Restoring Sanity
RFC Highway 61