Radio Free Caemlyn’s SCP Series

On Radio Free Caemlyn, I have been doing creepypastas. Part of this has been various SCP entries. For those unfamiliar, SCP is a collection of creepypastas, based on an organization, the Foundation, and their attempts to Secure, Contain, and Protect hundreds of objects that possess unexplained, perhaps even supernatural, abilities, that could greatly damage not just mankind, but the world. Each entry is structured as instructions on secure containment of a specific object.

I’ve recorded a number of these for Radio Free Caemlyn, and, as a way of organizing through the cluttered podcast feed, I here present a listing of all the SCP entries I’ve recorded.

SCP-002: The “Living” Room
SCP-024: The Game Show of Death
SCP-028: Knowledge
SCP-043: The Beatle
SCP-048: The Cursed SCP Number
SCP-052: Time-Traveling Train
SCP-072: The Foot of the Bed
SCP-079: Old AI
SCP-087: The Stairwell
SCP-100: The Worst Thing in the World (Entry no longer exists)
SCP-119: Timecrowave
SCP-131: The “Eye Pods”
SCP-153: Drain Worms
SCP-158: Soul Extractor
SCP-173: The Sculpture
SCP-192: Flawless X-Ray Machine
SCP-221: Compulsion Tweezers
SCP-226: Puzzle of Terror
SCP-261: Pan-Dimensional Vending
SCP-293: Obsession
SCP-313: Powerful Hand Dryer
SCP-330: Take Only Two
SCP-400: The Telephone Box (Entry is now archived)
SCP-478: Tooth Fairies
SCP-566: Word a Day
SCP-1165: Minus Level
SCP-1207: Not a Mirror
SCP-1305: Cat Lure

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