Radio Free Caemlyn’s Creepypasta Series

So, it’s October, it’s autumn, it’s harvest season, but in particular, Halloween is at the end of the month. All sorts of creepy shenanigans ensue.

Since earlier this year, I’ve been recording creepypastas for the podcast. What is a creepypasta? Well, the name comes from the phrase “copypasta”, which itself is a bastardization of “copy and paste”; the phrase refers to stories that are not original content, but rather copied and pasted from another source. Creepypastas are simply scary stories that are generally copied and pasted in new threads. Like so many Internet memes, creepypasta and copypasta were phrases used on 4chan, mainly the /b/ section.

Anyway, etymology lesson complete, on to the point of this post. As I said, I’ve been recording many creepypastas for Radio Free Caemlyn, and, given the nature of that podcast feed, things tend to get lost in the shuffle. Here, then, is a linked list of all the creepypastas I have recorded for RFC.

One-Man Hide-and-Seek
Sleep Tight
CB Radio
Mr. Odd
Under the Bridge
The Chernobyl Experiment
The Apparition in the Water
Unnatural Photography
The Keyhole
Repercussions of Evil
Time Traveler
The Lighthouse
Discarded Knife
Dark Circle
A Mother’s Power
The Room in the Attic
Lamp Light
The Masterpiece
4AM Japanese Game Show
Energy-Matter Transfer Machine
The Rake
Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride
The Mysterious Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas
LSD: Dream Emulator
BEN: TheTruth.txt
About Candle Cove
Majora’s Mask
Lavender Town Tone
Box in the Back Room
Working Late
SMWCentral Mario ROM Hack
Lost YouTube Video
Pokemon Sleeping Emerald
Zelda 64 Beta
A Face in the Crowd

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