Marble Operator at GMX V4

The fourth annual Geek Media Expo concluded earlier today. Marble Operator was in attendance, as KissofJudas and I were there.

There were lots of interesting guests at the expo, ranging from voice actors Billy West and Rob Paulson, to Nostalgia Critic/That Guy With the Glasses Doug Walker, and even British adult film actress Tanya Tate (which seems very odd, but she was labeled as “superhero cosplayer”, so, whatever).

However, KissofJudas and I were there for one specific reason, and that was Marble Hornets. Troy Wagner, Joseph Delage III, and Tim Sutton were there, along with a special guest, Brian Haight. As Troy joked during the opening ceremonies, they stuffed him in the trunk of their car and drove north to Franklin, TN for GMX.

Throughout the convention, the guys had a booth near the dealers’ room (for much of the panel they were at the end of the hallway outside the room, later on they moved inside the actual room). They sold DVDs and autographed stuff, and generally chatted with anyone who visited them. It was that Friday evening that KissofJudas and I got in line, had them autograph our DVDs. (Note: I have the original, typo version of the season one DVD, which Troy and Joseph enjoyed seeing (“Hey, you’re one of the originals!”)

It was great meeting them for the first time. I mentioned the podcast, and they thought it was cool.

Anyway, the Marble Hornets guys hosted two panels at the expo. The first was a Q&A session, which I recorded on my 3DS. (I sat in the front row, holding up my 3DS to record, and Joseph kept staring at me) I’ll see about uploading this footage to YouTube soon.

The second panel was a live commentary on season two, which started at around 1am central Saturday night. In the half-hour leading up to it, Tim tweeted that it should be a pyjama party and people should show up in their pyjamas, and that he definitely would. Sure enough, he did.

That’s enough for now. I’ll set about filing a report on the report for Marble Operator podcast, so that’ll be up on the feed soon.

I had a great time at GMX and had fun meeting the Marble Hornets guys.

UPDATE: This is weeks old, but I have the MH Q&A panel posted on my YouTube channel.

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