The RaT Project 102: Breaking from Hiatus

The RaT Project returns with episode 102.

Episode available here.

On this episode, Rand discusses some gaming news of note. Wii U not selling as well in the UK as predicted. Wii U breaks launch records of PS3 and XBOX 360. Nintendo has no plans to unify 3DS and Wii U eShops. Slender: The Arrival nears completion, is written by “Marble Hornets” creators. SquareEnix launches official trailer for “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”. Steam for Linux is out of closed beta, available for download. Bit.Trip.Runner sequel to feature voice talent of Charles Martinet as narrator. Video game music remixer Theophany releases “Time’s End”, an album of remixes based on “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”.

Rand also mentions “Pokethon III”, an upcoming gaming marathon for charity by the ExtraLives group, starting 29 December.

Rand discusses Dragon Quest IX and how it lays the groundwork for Dragon Quest X.

Plus discussion on The RaT Network family of podcasts, and the upcoming final book in The Wheel of Time.

Marble Operator 57: Interview with Adam Rosner

Part One
Part Two

On this week’s episode, we interview the creator of Tribe Twelve, Adam Rosner. Kaitlyn, John, AnimeGuy, Rion, and Nicole join Rand for the interview, and discuss all sorts of Tribe Twelve topics. Thanks to Adam for joining us, it was fun. Tribe Twelve can be found here, on YouTube.

Just a note on why the episode was split into two: TalkShoe has a file upload limit of around 102 MB, and the total file size for the recording was 120MB. This necessitated a split.

I’ll see about posting the full interview at some point. It can’t be on the normal podcast feed, given the file size limitations. I’ll probably upload it to my public DropBox or something and link to it here.

Note: Here is the interview in full, one two-hour segment.

Friday Night Trivia: 100th Episode Spectacular!

This past Friday saw the 100th episode of Friday Night Trivia. Rand returned as main host, and three other occasional cohosts (Dave AC, Cobo4747, and Jeff 7thDoctor) joined in with their own rounds.

It was another night full of shenanigans. The episode started off somewhat silent, given that neither Darth Skeptical or Ian The6thDoctor were on. That soon changed, as both of them joined by the end of the show. How did things conclude? Who won? Well, you’ll just have to give it a listen.

Rounds include the return of “Odd Man Out”, “Notable Years (20th Century)”, as well as some new material from the guest hosts. Episode run-time is 2:27:55.

Marble Operator 56: Dark Harvest Catch-Up

Download Link

In Episode 56 of Marble Operator, John, AnimeGuy, and Kaitlyn join in as we finally finish our review of Dark Harvest. We cover the following videos: February 24th, Log Entry #23, Log Entry #24, Greg’s Log #1, Daniel, Greg’s Log #2, and Greg’s Log #3. This brought us to Log Entry #25: Meeting with Noah Maxwell, the first of the two-part Tribe Twelve crossover, which is where we began our discussion of Dark Harvest so many episodes ago.

In the news section, we covered the announcement of Marble Hornets’ Joseph, Troy, and Alex writing for Slender: The Arrival, Adam Rosner’s announcement of a TribeTwelve DVD set (or two), and Tim Sutton’s film “No Quarter”, a final assignment for his film class.

At the end of the show, Rand featured a Slender series he’s become a fan of recently, that being One-Hundred Yard Stare, which recently posted their 25th video, Twenty Five.

The episode is available for download, and you can subscribe on iTunes (or whatever podcast/RSS reader you use by utilizing this link.