Marble Operator 56: Dark Harvest Catch-Up

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In Episode 56 of Marble Operator, John, AnimeGuy, and Kaitlyn join in as we finally finish our review of Dark Harvest. We cover the following videos: February 24th, Log Entry #23, Log Entry #24, Greg’s Log #1, Daniel, Greg’s Log #2, and Greg’s Log #3. This brought us to Log Entry #25: Meeting with Noah Maxwell, the first of the two-part Tribe Twelve crossover, which is where we began our discussion of Dark Harvest so many episodes ago.

In the news section, we covered the announcement of Marble Hornets’ Joseph, Troy, and Alex writing for Slender: The Arrival, Adam Rosner’s announcement of a TribeTwelve DVD set (or two), and Tim Sutton’s film “No Quarter”, a final assignment for his film class.

At the end of the show, Rand featured a Slender series he’s become a fan of recently, that being One-Hundred Yard Stare, which recently posted their 25th video, Twenty Five.

The episode is available for download, and you can subscribe on iTunes (or whatever podcast/RSS reader you use by utilizing this link.

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