Marble Operator 57: Interview with Adam Rosner

Part One
Part Two

On this week’s episode, we interview the creator of Tribe Twelve, Adam Rosner. Kaitlyn, John, AnimeGuy, Rion, and Nicole join Rand for the interview, and discuss all sorts of Tribe Twelve topics. Thanks to Adam for joining us, it was fun. Tribe Twelve can be found here, on YouTube.

Just a note on why the episode was split into two: TalkShoe has a file upload limit of around 102 MB, and the total file size for the recording was 120MB. This necessitated a split.

I’ll see about posting the full interview at some point. It can’t be on the normal podcast feed, given the file size limitations. I’ll probably upload it to my public DropBox or something and link to it here.

Note: Here is the interview in full, one two-hour segment.

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