MO 61 – MH Entry 66, DH Daniel Shipman’s Visit: Second Day, MLAndersen0 Continued

On this week’s episode of Marble Operator, we discuss the latest from Marble Hornets, Entry #66, as well as the latest from DarkHarvest00, Daniel Shipman’s Visit: Second Day. We also continue our discussion of MLAndersen0, covering the next four videos: “The Alley”, A Message from Shaun, Video Journal #8: Alone, and Eric Returned.

Joining Rand, AnimeGuy, and John this week are two new voices. First is Milo, our first international co-host, as he hails from Australia. Also joining, albeit just to listen in on our insightful commentary, is DarkHarvest00’s own Brendon, who now helps write for the series, and plays Daniel Shipman.

As a side note, in postproduction, I had to edit out my summary of Marble Hornets Entry #66. However, I saved it off as a separate file, which you can download here.

MO 60 – MLAndersen0 (The Truth – The Video)

On this week’s episode, Rand, AnimeGuy and John discuss the next five MLAndersen0 videos.

First, though, Rand mentions the latest Marble Hornets news, including the solution to totheark’s coded message from Surveillance, and filming updates for Entry 66.

This week’s MLAndersen0 videos include The Truth, Video Journal #6 – Shaun, Shaun, Video Journal #7 – Come Home, and The Video.

The RaT Project 104: A Memory of Pokemon

On this episode, Rand discusses some of the latest gaming and Doctor Who-related news.

News topics include Famitsu’s list of most anticipated games in 2013, Pokemon X and Y announcement, EDGE magazine’s list of greatest video game developers, Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle, Amazon brings Instant Video service to Wii. Doctor Who news includes a round-up of 50th anniversary plans among Big Finish, BFI, and UKTV.

Main topic is a discussion on Pokemon X and Y Versions, and how they could change the franchise. Rand also gives his brief thoughts on A Memory of Light, the final book of The Wheel of Time (he’s still reading the book, though).

The RaT Project 103: A Fez That’s Faster Than Light

On this episode, Rand discusses some recent video game-related news: the Pokéthon III raises at least $25k for the Free the Children charity, GameFreak says that the Pokémon franchise will “evolve” in 2013 and there will be some announcement on 8 January, and that the XBLA indie game Fez is set to go multiplatform in 2013.

Besides that, Rand discusses some games he’s recently been playing, and gives a mini-review of two indie games, Fez and FTL: Faster Than Light.

Rand also discusses the upcoming 14th and final book in The Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light.