MO 61 – MH Entry 66, DH Daniel Shipman’s Visit: Second Day, MLAndersen0 Continued

On this week’s episode of Marble Operator, we discuss the latest from Marble Hornets, Entry #66, as well as the latest from DarkHarvest00, Daniel Shipman’s Visit: Second Day. We also continue our discussion of MLAndersen0, covering the next four videos: “The Alley”, A Message from Shaun, Video Journal #8: Alone, and Eric Returned.

Joining Rand, AnimeGuy, and John this week are two new voices. First is Milo, our first international co-host, as he hails from Australia. Also joining, albeit just to listen in on our insightful commentary, is DarkHarvest00’s own Brendon, who now helps write for the series, and plays Daniel Shipman.

As a side note, in postproduction, I had to edit out my summary of Marble Hornets Entry #66. However, I saved it off as a separate file, which you can download here.

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