Cultdom Collective Commentaries: Luther 2.04

I rarely mention it on this blog, but I do help out with the Cultdom Collective Commentaries. Ian, Dave, and I quite often record commentaries wherein we talk all over episodes of various television shows. We’ve done a lot of Doctor Who episodes, but we’ve done other stuff, as well.

At some point, I should compile a list of all the commentaries I’ve appeared on. It would be quite a long list, though, as I think I’ve been on nearly a hundred commentaries on Cultdom Collective.

Anyway, we just recently finished our run of Luther commentaries. Luther is a BBC One program, and we’ve just finished our commentary on series two, which ran in 2011. Here is our commentary.

Marble Operator 64 – More Andersen Journals

On this week’s episode, our Andersen Journals recap rolls on.

John, Logan, Erica join Rand to discuss the next four entries in The Andersen Journals: “Clearing My Head”, “Focus”, “Patrick”, and “Visiting Stormy”.

We also discuss the latest tweets from Marble Hornets and Dark Harvest, as well as anticipate the release of Marble Hornets Entry #67.

Also posted is the aftershow for this week’s episode. John, Erica and Rand discuss a variety of topics, from Nintendo’s marketing strategy to podcast influences, Doctor Who, and more.

Radio Free Caemlyn Live – 63 Groats in a Guinea

Hey, it’s a live episode of Radio Free Caemlyn that is not Friday Night Trivia. What is this madness?

Anyway, Dave AC joined Rand for an impromptu live episode, where there was no set topic. We ended up discussing the latest Doctor Who news (including upcoming DVD releases, BBC America’s “Revisited” series, comic books, Netflix cataloging, and more), tech news from the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show, and video game news.

This was also an experiment on the possibility of doing live episodes later on, if it can become a regular thing. We’ll see where this goes.

MO 63 Aftershow

Well, this week’s main episode turned out to not be recorded; my Skype call recorder was not recording while we did the main show. Instead, I recorded the aftershow, where Logan, John, Erica, and I talked about various random topics, including some recap of the show that now no longer exists.

We briefly discuss the Andersen Journals episodes “Going Away Present”, “Curtain’s Up”, “Stormy”, and “Eric/Documents”, among random aftershow shenanigans.