The RaT Project 105: Changing Views on Video Games

On the latest episode of The RaT Project, Rand takes to the mic to discuss some video game-related topics, mostly in response to the latest Sessler’s Something video on Rev3Games’ YouTube channel.

First up is Rand’s thoughts on getting older, specifically in regards to views on video games, in terms of gaming difficulty, how modern games are a different beast from “classic” video games from the Atari, NES, DOS era, and just how time consuming modern games are.

Next Rand responds to all of the talk in social media and gaming discussion about the very real possibility of Nintendo dropping out of the console making business and going the way of Sega. It would be a huge deal for that to happen, and Rand gives his thoughts on the subject.

Then there’s some Doctor Who talk. With the show returning at the end of this month, how does Rand feel about the show as it is now, and what the future of the show might hold? Listen and find out.

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