Radio Free Caemlyn is on the air!

While the Skype experiment for trivia may have failed, another idea I’ve tried has succeeded, and is still ongoing: Radio Free Caemlyn is now live on the air as a 24/7 Internet radio station.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started Radio Free Caemlyn as a podcast. The name of the podcast was inspired by the naming trend for pirate radio stations, that being “Radio Free [something]”. (A common misconception about RFC is that I named it after a well-known Doctor Who podcast, but that is not the case. My naming trend was all about pirate radio stations). I wanted to do some sort of 24/7 broadcast, where I would stream random content, mostly from the podcast archives, and occasionally be able to jump on the mic and talk into the darkness, into the silence, on the off-chance that someone out there might hear my words, that my words might stick with them. I liked that idea, but I had no easy, affordable way of making that happen. I played around with Shoutcast, but that was tricky to get working (and I think might be going away soon, what with the shutdown of WinAmp). Eventually I became a fan of the Phone Losers of America, and learned how Brad had his audio setup configured. However, I needed an easier way of managing a station.

A while ago I learned of a site called Mixlr. It’s a site where you can easily stream with no time limits, as far as I know. The app is simple to use, as well. So I decided to try it out.

Friday, 10 January, 2014 was the day one broadcast of Radio Free Caemlyn. Before leaving for work, I set up a playlist of material to play through the day, and started the first track. I played a mix of Phone Losers prank calls and Friday Night Trivia episodes, interspersed with random music. This broadcast continued with no problems.

The original plan was to also stream that week’s episode of Friday Night Trivia live over Mixlr, but I was finding there was some audio feedback over the Skype call from how I had my audio setup configured. I’ll have to find a better solution. However, once I had edited together the final cut of that week’s trivia episode, I broadcast that over the air, starting around midnight. My friend and co-host from Marble Operator, Erica, listened in for a while.

I then planned the first overnight broadcast for Radio Free Caemlyn, and included Boards of Canada tracks, and some episodes of Quiet, Please, a radio show from the late ’40s.

Another nice feature of Mixlr is that, if I want to jump on the air and talk, all I need do is unmute my microphone. I can also stream Skype calls. It’s quite a nice setup.

So there we go: Radio Free Caemlyn is now an online radio station in addition to being a podcast. I’m really rather excited about this.

The station will almost always be broadcasting, with a random chance, esp. in the evenings and at night, for me to be live on the air, so tune in, follow the channel, give me hearts. Listen to the shenanigans.

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