Friday Night Trivia Fusion

Earlier today, I was thinking again about my debate between whether to continue Friday Night Trivia on TalkShoe or Skype, when a voice in the back of my mind asked me, “Why can’t you use both?” I thought about this for a bit, and looked back upon the two most recent episodes, recorded on TalkShoe; I was called in to TalkShoe through Skype, as has become my usual routine, and had Katie, a co-host from Marble Operator, conferenced in to the call.

The situation I had is the future of Trivia: as far as Skype was concerned, TalkShoe was just another single participant in a conference call, meaning there were three “people” involved (Katie, TalkShoe, and myself). Katie and I, on Skype, could hear everyone on TalkShoe, and everyone on TalkShoe could hear the two of us on Skype. The only possible problem is that, as there are two different services involved, some see one text chat, and others see the other; those on Skype can only see the TalkShoe chat if they have the pro client loaded, but there’s no way for the TalkShoe participants to see the Skype chat. That minor problem aside, we’re all effectively on the same call.

There are several advantages of combining the services for Trivia recordings. First, no one has to abandon the service they prefer. If you are used to using TalkShoe, and prefer either that chat interface, that audio quality, or the joys of using a SIP client to call in, then there’s no need to change to Skype. Likewise, if you prefer the chat interface of Skype, the ease of joining a Skype conference call, or the audio quality, or don’t like using SIP clients, then there’s no need of putting up with TalkShoe.

Another advantage of combining the services is more for the actual podcast itself. With Skype, I have MP3 Skype Recorder to record episodes; it’s what I use for Marble Operator, it’s what Ian, Dave, and I use for Cultdom Commentaries. By combining the two services, I’ll have two recordings going on, though I’ll be posting the Skype local recording to the podcast feed.

Going forward, nothing much is changing with Trivia. If you want to join on TalkShoe, then join on TalkShoe. If you want to join on Skype, then join on Skype. Either way, you’ll be on the same conference call. My preference will be to Skype, though.

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