Clearing Out the Clutter, and Introducing a New Podcast Series

For the past month, I’ve been doing a daily podcast for Radio Free Caemlyn, called “On This Day”. It started out when I would check the Wikipedia articles for that specific day and tweet about the major historical notes and birthdays. I finally decided that was too much daily clutter on my twitter feed, so I began reading those out on a podcast recording. I’ve now noticed those are cluttering up the main Radio Free Caemlyn feed, preventing other projects, such as Friday Night Trivia, SCP and creepypasta readings, and sound collage projects from being visible.

I’ve now set up a separate podcast feed specifically for the On This Day episodes. More details on this later, but check on iTunes within the upcoming week for Radio Free Caemlyn’s On This Day, for historical notes and birthday roll call for each day.

Not yet on iTunes, but you can subscribe to the podcast using the RSS feed here, using iTunes or any podcast feed reader.

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