Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand


There was a show on WFMU‘s Give the Drummer station called “Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza“. The show was a live experiment in audio, as each episode was a sound collage. Episodes of that show were typically two hours, and, when live, people could call in and add their own audio to the mix. It was a neat idea for a show, but it is currently on indefinite hiatus.

So I got to thinking, could I do something like this? Could I make my own sound collages? Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

I opened Adobe Audition, and started making music loops, by taking sections of songs that would work when repeated. I looped them, and set them as the main backing tracks. I then added audio samples, sound clips, repeated some in short loops. I listened to the results, and balanced the audio, to keep the music in the foreground and the clips subdued. It was an experiment. How would this sound? Would this be listenable?

I kept adding to that first project, and the initial ten-minute grew to 20-minutes then ultimately to an hour. I fine-tuned the clips, adjusting their timing and balance levels. I tried to structure the piece as a narrative, by repeating clips throughout and putting together parts of an entire clip. I exported the file and gave it a listen. There it was, my first sound collage project. I decided to upload to to Radio Free Caemlyn.

So there you have it. There are now two sound collage projects on RFC. I’ll maintain a list of them and future projects on this post.

RFC Sound Collage Projects:

Internet Archive Links:

SAFTWR 1:A Step Out
SAFTWR 2:What It Means to Be
SAFTWR 3:Letting Go, Moving On
SAFTWR 4:The Pressure of Noise
SAFTWR 5:The Beginning Ends
SAFTWR 6:Unending Madness
SAFTWR 7:Down the Rabbit Hole
SAFTWR 8:It’s Never Over “(Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 9:Chaos EmergingPlaylist and Notes)
SAFTWR 10:Turbo Signal Boost
SAFTWR 11:A Town in My Mind” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 12:Good Night and Farewell” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 13:Outside
SAFTWR 14:Bearing Witness to the Light
SAFTWR 15:Escaping Into Dreams
SAFTWR 16: Farewell to Hornets
SAFTWR 17: In a Hurry to Remember
SAFTWR 18: The Popcorn Edition
SAFTWR 20: Meditation Among Noise
SAFTWR 21:Returning to Goodbyes
SAFTWR 22:Bored of Canada
SAFTWR 23:Hearing Voices
SAFTWR 24:Peace and Friendship
SAFTWR 25:Too Much
SAFTWR 26:Endless Journeys
SAFTWR 27:The Legend of Curly’s Gold” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 28:Nowhere to Go
SAFTWR 29:Entwined Memories
SAFTWR 30:Identifying With Static
SAFTWR 31:Running Without Meaning
SAFTWR 32:When it Gets Dark We’ll Go Home
SAFTWR 33:Escaping Torture
SAFTWR 34:Together We’ll Plan to Live Forever (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 35:Crowned With Laurel in Oblivion
SAFTWR 36:Radio Free Caemlyn
SAFTWR 37:Randomly Encountered
SAFTWR 38:If This Were the End…
SAFTWR 39:Helpless
SAFTWR 40:Operating in Dreams” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 41:I Used to Listen
SAFTWR 42:Anniversary of a Legend” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 43:Outside Again” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 44:Imperfections of Man” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 45:The Night is Alive” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 46:Drifting Up” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 53:Collage Hassle” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 54:Paradoxes in Content
SAFTWR 55:Forever Missing You
SAFTWR 56:Through Tears (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 57:Untitled” (Debuted on Internet Archive)
SAFTWR 58:A Time to Begin” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 59:Whether the Weather” (Debuted on Internet Archive)
SAFTWR Mini-Episode 2:Farewell to Trivia
SAFTWR 60:The Eternal Now” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 61:Ghosts of Our Past” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 62:Chaos is the Road to Wonder” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 63:Traveling to Nowhere” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 64:Strange You Never Knew” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 65:I’m Counting on You” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 66:Dancing Among the Waves” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 67:The Dying of the Light (Notes)
SAFTWR 68:A Quality of Loneliness” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 69:All I Bring is Trivial Flight” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 70:The Sound of the Rain” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 71:The Collage That Fell into Chaos” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 73:Surviving an Atmosphere of Desire” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 74:For the Last Time” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR Mini-Collage:It’s Not My Fault” (Notes)
SAFTWR 75:I Run Away From Memories” (Notes)
SAFTWR 76:The Devastation of Love’s Loss
SAFTWR 77:Don’t Close Your Eyes” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 78:The Light at the End
SAFTWR 79:Only You” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 80:From Out of the Blue” (Notes)
SAFTWR 81:On The Other Side” (Notes)
SAFTWR 82:Running to the Sound of Thunder” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 83:Wandering Beyond” (Notes)
SAFTWR 84:Nothing Anymore” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 85:Disappearing Tomorrow” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 86:A Step Out of Memories” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 87:When I’m Old and Wise” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 88: Added Soon!
SAFTWR 89:Damned If I Do (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 90:Walking Alone (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 91:Never What It Seems” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 92:Life Must Go On (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 93:Wandering the Newmaker Plane” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 94:Always the Rain” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 95: Together We’re Amazed (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 96:It Makes Me Smile” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 97:We’ll Pretend to Be Happy” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 98:This Is Not the End (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 99:A Hallway of Memories (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 100:The Truth Is All There Is” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 101:To Far Away Times (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 102:Are You Out There? (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 103:Half the Light of the World” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 104:The Dreams In Which I’m Dying” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 105: “From the Cactus Shack Archives
SAFTWR 106: “We Don’t Have Time for Goodbyes” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 107: “Altered States” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 108: “You Are Sleeping (The Dreams You Have)” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 109:Ongoing Rainy Nights” (Playlist and Notes)

TalkShoe Links (Probably Broken):

SAFTWR Mini-Episode:Unfinished Thoughts
SAFTWR 19: Moments in Time
SAFTWR 43:Outside Again” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 44:Imperfections of Man” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 45:The Night is Alive” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 46:Drifting Up” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 47:Ongoing Weariness
SAFTWR 48:Through Broken Glass” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 49:Love Without Sound
SAFTWR 50:Intro to a Mind
SAFTWR 51:I Have Something to Say
SAFTWR 52:A Silent Rain
SAFTWR 53:Collage Hassle” (Playlist and Notes)
SAFTWR 54:Paradoxes in Content
SAFTWR 55:Forever Missing You
SAFTWR 56:Through Tears” (Playlist and Notes)

Update: The sound collage project now has a name. The series will be called “Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand”, a title suggested by @Dead_Pixels_ on Twitter.

Update 2: As of January 2018, TalkShoe has been pruning their servers of old files, cleaning out old call directories. This means that the site is no longer reliable for hosting podcasts and old stuff is being quickly lost. I’m migrating episodes over to the Internet Archive in an effort to preserve them. As part of this, I’m finally updating ID3 tags on the files, but Internet Archive doesn’t seem to take that metadata into consideration. Any new material I upload will debut on the Internet Archive and remain there exclusively.

Update 3: As of today, the first day of February 2018, all but one episode is available, between Internet Archive and TalkShoe. The only missing episode is Episode 19. I’ll keep searching my backup drive, because maybe it’s in some other folder somewhere. Technically, the first mini-episode (“Unfinished Thoughts”) remains missing, but it became the basis for the 18th episode. Thank you for your patience. I’ll continue uploading the rest of the catalog to the Internet Archive, mainly to have them all in one place, but also because TalkShoe has become an unreliable hosting site.

Also, thanks to RBCP of the Phone Losers for a mention on the latest episode of the Snow Plow Show. It was really neat to hear one of my favorite podcasters recognize my podcast.

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