Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 9: Chaos Emerging: Playlist

Here’s a playlist of all the tracks used in my ninth sound collage:

SAFTWR9 Playlist

Various BBC Exterior Sound Effects (Main Road in Country, City Traffic, High Street in Small Town)
mothersborough canon loop
Big Ben Chiming at Midday
from Friday Night Trivia 168 PostShow (18 April, 2014)
BBC Sound Effects Library (Village Late Spring Early Evening, Mixed Woodland Early Spring Morning)
Rosanna Loop, Toto
Heroes Main Theme
Fire and Regeneration – Heroes
Lost in My Thoughts – Chi-Ill
WOWO False Alarm (20 February, 1971)
WNAC 1981 Family Feud Promo & Emergency Broadcast Test
Boards of Canada – You Could Feel the Sky
Boards of Canada – Transmissiones Ferox
Boards of Canada – Constants are Changing
USA I Is a Monster
Boards of Canada – Into the Rainbow Vein
Boards of Canada – Everything You Do is a Balloon
Boards of Canada – You Could Feel the Sky
Bardo State – Seneca
Radiohead – No Surprise
Boards of Canada – Rue the Whirl
Boards of Canada – Farewell Fire

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