Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 12: Goodnight and Farewell

Here’s a playlist for Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand episode 12: Goodnight and Farewell

Music from the movie “Trust”, by Hal Hartley
Aimee Mann – “You Do”
Jebediah Johnson – “I Don’t See Nothing Wrong (With the Mario Marathon)”
Dialogue from the movie “Trust”
Boards of Canada – “Happy Cycling”
Clip from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode “Super Trivia”
Marble Operator intro, full version
Exxon Energy advert from 2 April, 1979
Cultdom Intro, episode 246
Pink Floyd – “Lost for Words” (from “The Division Bell” album)
Vegas PBS sign-off, 2007
Gregorian chant cover of “Losing My Religion”
Bleach season 1 ending (episodes 14-25)
Boards of Canada – “Diving Station”
Chris Zabriskie – “I am a Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor”
Boards of Canada – “Transmisiones Ferox”
Drive-in Movie Intermission Let’s All Go to the Movies
BBC2 TV sign-off 1997
Bleach OST 3 – “Soundcape to Ardor” – Shiro Sagisu
WNCTV Channel 9 Greenville NC sign-off from June 1993
Bleach OST 1 – “Burden of the Past” – Shiro Sagisu
HBO 1983 Intro
HBO sign-off 1979
KAET sign-off
Goldfrapp – “Lovely Head”
1430 AM radio station sign-off 1965
BBC 2 Broadcast City sign-off 1979 and Philippine National Anthem
Scottish TV closedown – circa summer 1987
BBC One Wales Analog Final Closedown 31 March 2010
Cat recordings from BBC Sound Effects Library
Woodright’s Shop with Roy Underhill Intro
1984 TV sign-off in Kagoshima prefecture
Grampian TV closedown 1984
David Wax Museum – “Refuge”
David Wax Museum – “Harder Before it Gets Easier”

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