On Ending Friday Night Trivia

Friday Night Trivia is a weekly show that I do for my Radio Free Caemlyn podcast. I started Friday Night Trivia back in early February of 2010 as a way of having something to do on a Friday night, as I had (and still have) no social life. It started off as a combination of Doctor Who trivia and word puzzles, and has become a weekly social event that a dedicated group of people look forward to each weekend.

So why would I bring something like this to an end, something that has become more than just about trivia, but a weekly social event?

Well, I’ve been considering ending trivia for a while. I want to change over to a conversation show. During our pre-shows, we have a lot of fun discussions on a lot of topics. These discussions are never recorded, and thus lost to the ether as soon as they are had. I want those to be the podcast, I want those to be the show. Trivia is fun and all, but…

Trivia has been fun. We’ve done nearly 200 episodes over nearly five years. As the saying goes, though, all good things must come to an end.

Trivia has run its course. It’s tired. It’s time to move on. It’s about moving on.

UPDATE (081202.2014): It’s been a month since I ended Friday Night Trivia. Since then, I’ve tried doing Radio Free Caemlyn Live shows, where conversations are the focus, but those proved unpopular. Everyone who showed up just wanted to go back to the trivia format. People wanted that gimmick to return. I still feel that the trivia format is limiting, and is something that has run its course. I have no plans of ever bringing trivia back. If someone else wants to run their own version of Friday Night Trivia, go right ahead. I’m sure they’ll end up on TalkShoe. (That’s something else: I tried my damnedest to move Trivia away from TalkShoe. I don’t like hosting Trivia shows there, the site is cumbersome and limiting. My preferred method would be to do Skype calls and broadcast that over Mixlr)

Anyway, 21 November was the final episode of Radio Free Caemlyn Live, where not that many people showed up. The following Friday was the Friday following Thanksgiving, here in the states, so I didn’t do a live show. This past Friday was the first Friday where I just didn’t do a Friday night show. Personally, I prefer not doing Friday night shows, as it gives me more time to rest. Even if I were still doing Friday nights shows, December is a busy month to even consider doing that. As for Trivia…the format was no longer fun; I was no longer enjoying Friday Night Trivia. Realizing that was the case, I decided it was better to end Trivia than let it decay and die due to a host that no longer loved the format.

There is still some confusion with Dave, whether he wants to run trivia. Others, if any of them want to start and run their own weekly Friday trivia show, go right ahead. I won’t be joining.

I’ve compiled all episodes of Trivia into their own RSS feed, which you can find here.