Taking a Break from Commentaries

I’ve been a voice on the Cultdom Collective Commentaries for five years. Early on in Cultdom’s run, Ian and Dave started doing commentaries in addition to the weekly live shows. They did commentaries on some Chris Eccleston episodes of Doctor Who, then I expressed interest in joining them. My first episode was “The Eleventh Hour”, which was also the first episode of the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who. I wanted to be more involved with the Cultdom Collective. (Although, looking through the Cultdom archives, the first studio episode I was on was was an episode discussing the idea of “spin-off TV series”, along with Ian, Dave, and Merlin.

The Commentaries were fun. Our staple was Doctor Who, as that was the show that tied all of Cultdom Collective together. We did commentaries on new episodes the same weekend they aired, recording the commentaries that Sunday night. When Doctor Who wasn’t on the air, we’d turn to other shows. Sometimes we’d work on filling in the back catalog of BBC Wales-era Doctor Who, carrying on from the end of series one. In the years since I joined, we’ve done commentaries on the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, all of Better Call Saul’s first season, the entirety of the BBC series “Jekyll” (although I did not appear on those commentaries), all of the original BBC series “Life On Mars” (as opposed to the American iteration of the show), all episodes of the BBC series “Luther”, the pilot episode of the failed “Mockingbird Lane” show, all episodes of BBC’s “Sherlock”, one episode of the original Star Trek (“This Side of Paradise”, done in honor of Leonard Nimoy), and a collection of episodes of Doctor Who’s original run (mainly done to follow BBC America’s “Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited” series to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary). We’ve done a lot of commentaries. I even invited Ian and Dave on to a special episode of Marble Operator on which we commented over the first “season” of Marble Hornets.

Recent circumstances, however, are forcing me to take a break from recording commentaries. It was unfortunately timed, though, as my final episode, for now, is the first episode of the Doctor Who three-parter, “The Two Doctors”. Even if circumstances hadn’t changed, though, I’d be taking a break, as the new series of Doctor Who is scheduled to start on 19 September. After participating on the commentary for the last episode of series 8 (whose title I can’t remember (“Death in Heaven”, Wikipedia tells me)), I’ve lost all interest in even watching any more of the utter shit that passes as Doctor Who under Steven Moffat, as I’ve well documented in the past. I’d love to still participate in commentaries, but that would require me to watch these upcoming episodes, and I just have no interest in doing that. Another reason I planned on not participating on these episodes was that I am perhaps too critical and too negative of the Moffat era. I hate what he’s done to the once-brilliant show. I hate his style of writing. I hate how he repeats ideas (and for people who argue against that, River Song is returning on this year’s Xmas special). A good commentary can’t have too much negativity. I feel that all my bitching would just drag our commentaries too far down. My criticisms would make the commentaries terrible to listen to. (Although now I wish I could participate, so I could present some criticisms to balance out the probably praises of the new episodes)

This means the commentaries will be down to Ian and Dave. Thing is, they prefer having a three-person format for the commentaries, with the occasional fourth person. There is now an open seat for the commentaries, if any Cultdom regulars would like to join in. I’ve been invited back on whenever I want, since I’m part of the Cultdom Commentary Trio, though.

Anyway, this blog post is just to say that, since I have no quiet space in which to do Skype calls for the commentaries, I have to sit out for now. If not for that, I would be out for a while anyway due to my lack of interest in Doctor Who series nine. Either way, I look forward to when I can once again be part of the Cultdom Commentaries.

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