Archiving the Past

I am officially clearing out the Radio Free Caemlyn podcast feed.

It’s time for the older stuff to fade silently into the night, whispering a goodbye that no one ever hears, walking away into the forest, away from street lights. Watch them go, which no one does.

Which is to say I’m moving the older Radio Free Caemlyn episodes over to the Internet Archive. You can find the episodes here. Once archived, the episodes will be removed from the official Radio Free Caemlyn podcast feed.

Radio Free Caemlyn officially began on 10 January, 2010. I was a different person back then, we were all different people back then. The original name for the podcast was Radio Rand al’Thor, and it was to be a series of live radio broadcasts where I would play music and talk about random topics. The majority of the music I played was from OverCloked ReMix, a site dedicated to amateur remixes of video game music.

The podcast had a different feel in those early days, when I broadcast from my old Pentium 4 Dell machine at my parents’ house, alone in my room, talking into a Logitech USB mic (which is no longer manufactured). I would talk into the night, into the darkness, imagining myself as some radio disc jockey speaking to people asleep or driving alone along roads after a long day. Listening to these again makes me want to do this again, but in my current situation I can’t. It’s inspiring me to work harder in finding my own place to live.

It’s my own way of letting go of the past, setting it out into the world, a small part of me, how I was, who I was, way back then.