Marble Operator Bows Out

MO 108: The Final Episode

I made the decision earlier today to officially end the Marble Operator podcast. It’s a decision that I’ve been pontificating for months now.

I’ve been unable to record podcasts since last August, and it seems doubtful that I’ll regain that capacity any time soon, if ever, so this played a large role in my making this decision.

Another major factor is the status of THAC. Some months ago, Joseph and Tim left the group, leaving just Troy and relative newcomer Noah behind. I don’t know the full details of their leaving and I don’t know that I want to know. All that matters is that the trio behind Marble Hornets had disbanded, leaving a still-new series in the lurch.

I’ve had mixed feelings on Clear Lakes 44. It’s taken a long time for it to even have any sense of an ongoing story, to let us know what its story might even be. This is largely due to how the story is being told, but it was slow going. Two of the creative minds behind their previous effort leaving just told me the series was losing what little momentum it had in the first place.

Let’s back up a bit. Marble Operator was a podcast that I started in August of 2011 in order to discuss the YouTube series Marble Hornets. I eventually included other series, at the behest of cohosts. These series included Dark Harvest, Tribe Twelve, and Andersen Journals. The common thread among the series was the Slender Man. I had lots of requests to cover EverymanHYBRID, but this was something I could never figure out how to do, given how many different websites and YouTube channels that story spans.

Marble Hornets finally ended, and with it went all other Slender Man series. The three others we covered just died. We had nothing more to cover. Eventually, Clear Lakes 44, the series that followed Marble Hornets, began, and I made an effort to continue the podcast in its honor.

It didn’t last.

I’ve lost interest in Clear Lakes 44. Broadcast 11 brought back a totheark-esque character and it just felt like I’ve been there before. There was nothing new. I had no way of recording new episodes, let alone do the conference calls co-hosts wanted. That may never happen again for any podcast I might do, at the rate my real life is going.

It’s been a fun run, Marble Operator. I met some great people, made some great friends, lost all but one of those friends. Rion, Erica, Abby, John, Katie, and Logan. The only one of those I still even sometimes speak with is Rion. I’m thankful for their contributions to the podcast. They made the podcast what it was, not me. I did nothing. It was all them. I owe it all to them. Thank you.

Thank you to the listeners for listening. I started the podcast because I wanted to hear people discuss, in an audio format, the Marble Hornets story. There were a lot of you who also wanted to hear that, and you continue to download the back catalog. Thank you.

Thank you as well to Adam Rosner, creator and writer of TribeTwelve, for appearing on an episode of MO for an interview. Likewise thank you to Chris of Dark Harvest. Both interviews were fun.

I also got to guest on an episode of the Around the Campfire podcast, where I was interviewed as host of Marble Operator.

So this is the end. Four years later, and it’s all over, the road has ended. It’s been fun, but now is when I bow out. Thank you and goodbye.

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