Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 40: Operating in Dreams

Direct Download

This sound collage is a tribute to the Marble Operator podcast, which I officially ended this month. This collage incorporates clips from old Marble Operator episodes, Jose Gonzales “Heartbeats”, Winter Kills “Oklahoma Town”, Corpse Rider “Wolves in Tin Speakers”, lots of Boards of Canada, The Mountain Goats with “New Monster Avenue”, Julee Cruise with “I Remember” and “The World Spins”, clips from TribeTwelve, Marble Hornets, and Dark Harvest, Cranberries with “Dreams”, Aphex Twin with “Weathered Stone” and “White Blur”, Agent Cooper telling Sheriff Truman about presents in Twin Peaks, Jeff Goldblum talking about game overs and moving on from an old Jurassic Park game, Mothersbaugh’s Canon from “The Royal Tenenbaums”, we had Explosions in the Sky with “Your Hand in Mine”, Simon & Garfunkel’s “My Little Town”, St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) by John Parr, Darshan Ambient with “Bless You”, and ending with the entire house burning down in Sacrificio Offret by Andrei Tarkovsky. We had everyone and everything in this collage to conclude the journey that was Marble Operator.

Thank you.

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