Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 44: Imperfections of Man


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This started off without a direction, without a destination. I sampled some audio, listened to an episode of Ken’s Last Ever, and started putting stuff together. Then I remembered several weekends ago when I had my phone recording audio as I walked along the road to a diner in town, recording my footsteps on the grassy side of the road, the bare strips of sidewalk, traffic hurtling past, people staring at me, often to the neglect of watching the road ahead of them, watching me, the oddity that I am, someone walking alongside the road, how strange a sight that is, how can you not stare. I kept my phone recording as I walked into the diner, sat down at a table, ordered a meal, waited, ate, paid, left, back into the world of chaos.

This piece begins with Mogwai’s “Two Rights Make One Wrong”. I wanted that haunting melody to fade into the background, there but not overwhelming as other material settles in.

It continues with loops and samples from a documentary for a remastering of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. I thought this entire collage would be based around that framework, but these never go that way. The actual collage always emerges, different from my initial ideas.

Breaking up the beginning is Foo Fighter’s “Everlong”, which now brings back memories of David Letterman’s final episode of the Late Show.

Going along with the Dark Side of the Moon documentary theme, I include bits from DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam With a Grain of Salt”, a tune I discovered on Carlito’s “Madhouse Live” show.

There’s some Lou Reed included in the mix, with “Street Hustle” loops.

The Cranes’ “Don’t Close Your Eyes” cascades in the background for a while.

While finishing the collage tonight, I played around with Antony & The Johnson’s “Kiss My Name”, and the collage went to some emotional places, directions I never anticipated.

That entire recording goes on for around 40 minutes, and comprises the bulk of this sound collage, providing ambiance to the myriad other samples and loops.

More later.

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