Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 46: Drifting Up

Direct Download

It’s another exploration into the world of chaos and sound and layers and collaging.

Gemini horns from Boards of Canada.
Crackling noise from vinyl records.

Lewd Sums by adb6gqpe from SoundCloud.
Pitch-shifted Twin Peaks theme.
Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach
Einstein on the Beast by DJ BC. Mixes in the Beastie Boys.
Schoolhouse Rock talks about how Verbs are What’s Happening
Clips from THX-1138
Later on, Schoolhouse Rock sings about Electricity, Electricity
Somewhere in there is the Main Street Electrical Parade
Towards the end we hear from Andre Gregory from Some Girls. Mysteries going on all the time, right under our noses
Jon Hopkins with “A Drifting Up”
Drum roll from Antony and the Johnson’s “Kiss My Name”
Audio from the movie True Romance. You’re so cool.
Theme from “Joy of Painting with Bob Ross”
Please remember to turn off your television and unplug from the mains.
“Frog on My Toe” by Tori Amos

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