Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 53: Collage Hassle

For this collage, I gave myself a simple challenge: using only a single song, make an hour-long collage. I chose Lou Reed’s “Street Hassle”, which I’ve heard collaged on KLERE before.

Truth be told, I got half an hour into it, maybe 40 minutes into it, and was bored and wanted to be done with it.

Should only have been half an hour.

Was still fun to make, though.

Direct Download mp3

RFC Commentaries: My X-Files Struggle

With Cultdom Commentaries seemingly a thing of the past, I decided to go it alone and record a commentary on something. I’ve decided to focus on the 10th season, the 2016 miniseries, of The X-Files.

So, here’s my commentary on the first episode, “My Struggle”, in which I take on Ian and Dave’s roles along with my own. For anyone who wanted to hear just me talk over an episode of something, here’s your chance.

If you’d like to join me on a future commentary, either leave a comment here, email me at radiofreecaemlyn at gmail, or comment on Twitter at radiofrecaemlyn.