RFC: Doctor Who “World Enough and Time” Reactions

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On this episode, I give my thoughts on the latest Doctor Who episode, “World Enough and Time”. A lot of this is so I won’t go on for too long on the Cultdom Commentary for the episode. Probably the only thing I address there that I don’t address here is Moffat’s jokes in the episode about the Doctor’s name being Doctor Who, how it both is and isn’t his name.

Radio Free Caemlyn: Doctor Who Books

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On this episode, I discuss two Doctor Who books I just obtained. The first is one that I used to check out from my University’s library system, a book by R.H. Langley called “The Doctor Who Error Finder”. This book looks through the original run of Doctor Who through to the 1996 Fox/BBC movie and collects all the filming and scripting errors. It’s a fun read if you have the episodes to hand.

The second book is “Running Through Corridors: Volume One by Robert Shearman and Toby Hadoke. In this book, the two authors watched through every episode of Doctor Who from “An Unearthly Child” onward and comment on what they like about each episode. Fun read so far.

Snow Plow Show – December 9, 2014: Car Ding Calls Are Back

Here’s one from the archives, an episode of the Snow Show, from the Phone Losers of America.

On this episode, Brad brought back the old Phone Show idea of listeners leaving notes on cars. Also, Brad learns that you cannot renew an MBA.

I feel like I should comb through the Snow Plow Show archives and make a directory of all the shows I’ve sponsored, much as I did with PLA YouTube videos.